Need help IDing some cards

Can someone tell me what set these are from? Are they even worth anything? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks! :blush:

SPOILER: Click to show

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Search those promo/card numbers on Bulbapedia.

I do know that the Garchomp is an XY Promo that you got for spending 1000 yen somewhere.
And the 2nd picture are all Wind from the Sea cards (if I remember my set symbols correctly)

3rd and 4th are meiji promos, awesome but not that special. I love the simple ken art

The happy birthday pikachu is worth about £20_£25($32_$40)in mint and with the sticker book you got with the card,somtimes you can sell it for more as it is a popular card but not particularly rare.

Thanks for all the replies!! Helped out a lot!! I guess ill just shove them back in the box and let them collect dust QQ

Id love to buy that pikachu for a good price,

Pretty sure those e series cards (at least the bulba) are from the e starter decks. They’re a bit of a niche as the decks are random so it’s difficult to get a complete set

Sure Pm me an offer and we’ll take it from there :blush: