Need help, are these E-scanner promo cards? Summer 2003

Are these anything special?


Yes, they are e-reader cards. @pokemoncenteritaly will know more about it since he has some.

Hi, the fist 2 cards (on the top) are from the first e-reader expansion called “第1弾 ポケモンバトルカードe+ First Shot: Pokémon Battle Card e+”, The e-Reader card with Pikachu is to use with Pokémon Channel (Japanese version) for Game Cube and the last e-reader card is to use with Pokémon Pinball (japanese version) for GBA.
All the cards are promo cards and the value is low… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks, any idea on a price including the magazine? Cards are near mint

less than 15$ for all the cards + magazine.

Well I guess it’s going on enay starting at 15 then… Thanks for the info!