Anyone know what these cards are?

Hey does anyone know cards these are?

I bought this recently and don’t know what card it is:
Psyduck Magazine Front
Psyduck Magazine Back

I want to buy this, but have no idea what card it is and I don’t want to overpay for it:
Rayquaza DVD Front
Rayquaza DVD Back

Thanks for your help in advance!

The Psyduck is a promo card from the Pokémon Card Fan Club magazine…It was Volume 1 released June 1997…If you have the Japanese 2000 Pokemon Guide book,it’s on page 339.

I do not have the 2000 guide book…wish I had one. Okay, so I could move the card enough to see that it was a water type card, and that it had a circle rarity mark. I thought early promo cards did not have rarity marks? Anyways, thanks again for your help avalanche. I’m going to try and get a copy of that book.

Just to be clear…I know the magazine that shows the Psyduck on the cover is the Pokemon Card Fan Club vol#1 released in June 1997…Not 100% sure of the card inside…I actually thought there should be a Mewtwo in that one…when I referred to the Japanese 2000 Pokemon Guide, it shows the magazine cover but not the promo card.

I just wiggled it around and i’m pretty sure its a Fossil Psyduck, I saw the illustrator Kagemaru Himeno, N0. 054, and a circle rarity mark. If this is Fan Club Vol 1 it should have the Mewtwo and Super Energy Retrieval. It’s possible these are attached on a peel sheet still in the magazine. I’m pretty sure the Mewtwo and Super Energy Retrieval came on a peel sheet because I have the two cards unpeeled. Thank you very much for your help Avalanche!