What are these Mystery Cards?

Hi all! A couple of weeks back I accidentally stumbled upon a last minute auction and made an impulse buy on 4 cards that I have no idea of their origins and hope that you guys can help figure out where they came from. There’s no dates on any of them and I assume there’s at least 5 of these since the last one is number No.05 (I don’t have No.02):

These are what the backs of the cards look like:

Immediately when I got them, they reminded me of this old Media Factory Booklet that I have that I forgot about:


What do you guys think? The art on the back of the cards aren’t exactly like the Media Factory booklet but look very similar in art style. I know some other Media Factory sets seemed to portray similar styles as well.

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Those cards are from Vending Series 3. You’re correct in assuming that there are 5 of those cards within the Vending Series. Basically just Deck List Cards stating cards / quantities to build certain decks.


As @oldskoolpokemon already indicated, those are indeed Vending Series 3 cards. More specifically they are as follows:

Decklist No. 1: The Puzzle of Pokémon Tower?
Decklist No. 2: Ouch! At the Pokémon Mansion
Decklist No. 3: Violence in the Safari Zone!
Decklist No. 4: Horsea of the Seafoam Islands
Decklist No. 5: The Last Cave – Cerulean!

I actually picked these up in PSA X condition a while ago, much for the uniqueness of the cards.


Thanks @oldskoolpokemon and @melchior. I had no idea they came with those kinds of extras. Sometimes I have my head up my ass about stuff like this since I’m so focused on Gyarados that I don’t even look at the rest of the set. Lesson learned! Thanks again!