What sets are these from?

Hey, does any one know what sets these belong to and if there are any other cards like them from other sets?


Heres some pics of the backs:

Yep it came inside a Trainers Magazine.

It would be great if they did, I would love to have the Tropical/New Year Present Jumbos graded.

The deck-list card with Lucky (aka Chansey) is from the second issue of the Pokemon Card Game Fan Club magazine, a predecessor to the Trainers magazine. The “Pokemon Card Official Book 2000” features the card in the “Rare Goods” section.

I don’t know the origin of the other card, though it has the same artwork as the cover of the first volume of the Pokemon TCG “strategy” guide. I’m guessing that it was either bundled with that book, or distributed free of charge on the counters of bookstores when the book first went on sale. Curiously, unless I’ve overlooked it, there’s no mention of this particular deck-list card in the 2000 guidebook.

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That card in the first picture is pretty nice though :blush:

Glenn is totally right about the Chansey. Interestingly, I think I used to know where the first card came from, but now I can’t remember. I’ll have to dig out some books and jog my memory.

Thank you guys for all the info. I initially thought the 2 were included as extras in sets like the quick starter gift. I love Arita’s art on the first one, the poke’s look awesome!

Are there any other cards similar to these out there? I’ve tried looking it up but there’s no info i can find on either of em.

I think i found where that first one came from just now. These illustrations were featured in the japanese base set instruction manual. can anyone confirm this??



Those pictures were used as clip art in many early Pokemon publications and promotional material.
This is the cover of the book I mentioned earlier:

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Not to mention that it was used on the Vending series III card backs of some cards.

I remember that book! That pikachu looks identical to the trophy pika illustrations.

I thought they had only used these ones with the Sugimori illustrations (same as on the Quick Starter gift set box or Masaki pass card)? I havn’t seen the one from this thread ever before…

You beat me to it! I was about to post the same.

You’re totally right. It just looked similar in passing, I didn’t actually look at the vending cards close enough to realize the art difference :stuck_out_tongue:. Well that’s embarrassing hahaha.

No worries Jason, I wasn’t so sure about this either. Unfortunately I didn’t have all of the vending sheets laying around to verify. But anyway a cool thing to have!

Are there any other deck memo cards out there other than the two posted? I just got mine today and i really like them :stuck_out_tongue:

They look great!