Any Idea What These Cards Are?

Hello all! I recently found these on the JP Mercari while searching for Carddass stuff. However, these have never popped up in Mercari under carddass before, and I have never seen them included on Carddass articles here on the forum before. Though there is a chance I overlooked them upon my first readthrough due to lack of being interested in them at the time. I, of course, impulse bought the set to stay in line with my slogan of “I’m too easily swayed to love a new card” haha!

These remind me of gold stars with how they leave the frame. Not to mention, some of the item cards are included! That’s so cool! I know the art is just standard, but I feel like the framing with the pokedex is also fantastic. It also seems that some of the cards are arts that We may have not seen the full design of before. Gengar is what was immediately noticeable to me. SO naturally, I want to complete the set, help me with my gluttony!


I like how the gengar art is from his Sabrina’s Gengar non holo card. But this shows the rest of his body.

I recall someone on the forum asking what other cards the parent-child kangaskhan trophy art is used on, well, here is another place.

The Kanji on the bottom simply reads “Nintendo” No other real serious identification marks.


You can find more info about these here

The site is in Italian but here’s the title of the cards “Serie Jumbo Carddass Pokémon Chip Shooter 2 Mezzo Chip (1997).”

They came in jumbo cards that you could pop these mini cards out of. There were a total of 17 jumbos and 165 minis which included the original 151 Kanto Pokémon and 15 item cards.


@thedude1990, You’re an excellent person, thanks a ton!!

My pleasure :grin:

I have the entire set if you ever want to see any pics of the ones you are missing


I certainly wouldn’t mind, send em my way! Why does all this stuff have to be so cool! I want all those jumbo cards and the classic trainer battle arts and everything!


Feel free to share this on !


I will add them to that thread when I have a bit of time. :blush:



@azulryu,@quuador, looks like it’s actually already there. The same individual who helped me on here posted in that one a little while back :sweat_smile: thanks for your help everyone! I’m looking forward to completing another set!

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