Does anyone know what kind of cards these are?

i bought a collection recently i tried searching for these but ive seen nothing like them on ebay. can anyone help?

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The ones in the top middle reminded me of the Menko or Nagatanien set that had rectangular cards (I know generally the cards are all rectangular, the set had a more pronunced rectangle).

The others look like poker cards that I’ve never seen but probably they are another type of bootleg. They look like they can complete some sort of design (the one wth zubat and growlithe has a part of the circle that appears behind charizard in another artwork) If they don’t have a copyright somewhere I always assume they are fake just in case

Pictures upclose front and back of some of the cards might help, curious about the foil ones top left and middle.

Sorry for the messy answer, but at least it bumps up the post

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I’ve seen these around on ebay too, presumed to be bootlegs. I’ve never seen them from Japan.

The ‘poker set’ contains some covers from the Pocket Monsters Film Comic, which appear to have been modified to remove the cover attributes.

Take this card/cover for example, it seems:
1)the gradient where the volume number hasn’t been replaced correctly; and
2) the claws on the indicated foot don’t appear to align with those of the cover (yes the images are aren’t correctly aligned, but the claw directions appear off).

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I found a poster version apparently made in Taiwan.
It shows the same alterations from the cover source, but clearer.
I made a quick and rough GIF for demonstration.

The orange cards are from something else too.

Here’s another presumably unlicensed poster with a similar design:

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haha its all good i appreciate your help yeah im presuming their bootlegs at this point ill add more pics when i get a chance

wow thank you so much your help is greatly appreciated! it was at the back of a wotc collection binder with little to no traces of them anywhere bootleg seems likely i just dont know how they even got away with using the pokemon art on it to begin with haha

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Another similar poster design to the orange cards. The posters so far appear to be catalogued.

Found these also. Only one has an active source.

I have the same poster and never knew what it was from. Cool to see another one out there!