card ID

Can someone give me some information on these:

They have stickers on the other side

Pic of the front would help!

Heres some front and back pics:

I’ve never seen those particular cards before. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that they are unlicensed. They have no copyright date or manufacturer information at all.

In the 1990s, bogus Pokemon cards were often sold at street festivals in Japan. If I’m correct about these being unlicensed, that’s probably where they came from.

They look pretty good, though.

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Yea i have a whole bunch of em, but I want to find out what they are to get a few more. I’ve only ever seen them as additions to lots on ebay. Also, I have no idea where i got them,… I’ve had them since i was a kid and I live in the US so its been bugging me :confused:

I have one as well. Bottom row, middle card in each pic.

I have no info on it/them though.