What are these cards and how much is their value?

I also have a zapdos

Pokemon Sticker Cards differ depending on where they were produced, if they were official or unofficial, and what Pokemon they presented.

I have a selection of random Sticker Cards with the same bottom portion as the other, if these are the same kind as I have, they also feature a different Pokemon on the opposite side, but aren’t holographic.

I’ve found the price varies, really. I’ve bought a whole lot of these for about 10 bucks one time and have found individuals I’ve bought that are about 3-7 dollars each. Generally, the better the Pokemon, the better amount you’ll get.

I’ve been told, however, that these cards are unofficial sticker cards not licensed by anyone, but still fun to collect, but I could never confirm whether or not if they were official in any way or not. I suspect not, however, due to lack of any verifying text.

Sorry if that doesn’t answer everything, but that’s what I know about them.

Edit: Forgot to mention that on a few occasions, some people have called these “Laser Cards” , “Prism Cards” or Laser Holo/Foil Cards.

Edit 2: Found the person I bought the lot from, they sell multiple lots so perhaps you could find more information on them (they totally didn’t put up the two Gyarados ones up for me or anything *cough cough*). I removed the link to avoid any issues with my post. I’ve gone ahead and asked the person who sold this lot, though.

I’m almost certain these are unlicensed stickers, and therefore don’t feel we should be linking to auctions or sellers offering them.

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Hmm… I checked out one of them and they don’t peel off like a sticker.

What’s on the back? That might give us an insight,

Hmm, interesting. The ones that I have peel like a sticker. I’ll try to take a few pictures.

My apologies if I broke one of the rules, I was linking simply to show where I got the item and whom to ask. I wasn’t trying to promote the sale.

Edit: I removed the link to avoid any issues, but went ahead and contacted the seller for the information.

So the holographic side peeled for me, but not the non-holographic side:

Don’t worry — you didn’t break any rules :blush: It was clear you weren’t trying to promote the sale.

It’s just that we should do our best not to bring any attention to those who are selling bogus merchandise. Those who peddle unlicensed goods only do harm to the hobby itself.

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Completely understandable. I collect random stuff like this only because I enjoy it, knowing full well that it’s generally bogus, but I still enjoy the aesthetic of things like this.

@elam18, if you want to ask the person directly that I was referring to, feel free to give me a PM so I can message you, but do know I asked about the information you inquired about this thread.

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So the person replied and sadly it’s a dead end. He had them stored in a warehouse for about 10 years before recently digging them up and selling them. Can’t remember where they came from either. :confused:


I think they’re fake. Some alarm bells go off.

I feel that if they were real, there would be art under the sticker (similar to the DBZ cards). Since the sticker you can use, but you should also be able to collect the card (not just one side). And where are the trade marks? Year? Country?

They look very cool though.