Do you know what these are?

I’ve noticed a few cards/stickers like this pop up on Ebay in the last week. Can anyone tell me anything about these such as how they were released, if they go by a specific name, if there’s a list of a full set, etc? I’ve noticed a lot of them have some neat old-school art I’ve never seen before which is why I’m intrigued.

Have you sent a message to the seller? If they have a bunch they may know something about their release/set name/etc.
I like some of the art I’m seeing on them. Very unique.

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I just remember seeing them in vending machines as a kid waded up in the $.50 balls. I have had a few collectors ask me for the cardboard backing that came with them but I do not know anything about that. I had considered not selling them since to me they are most likely all bootleg or printed by some secondary company. Many of them have strange attacks/HP. I decided to sell them though since they do have nostalgic value and present only older cards under WOTC. It is not something that is playable or in anyway non-distinguishable from the pack cards. To me it is more of something some collectors could tack onto their “all Magikarp” collection or something like that. They are decent stickers and it is taking some imagination to make up names for all of the different patterns there are.