Info Needed Sticker Prism. Cards

Any experts out there on these cards.
I have a binder with many of them but don’t know if there’s a complete set. Several have two of the same card but with different holo patterns.
Any info or checklists appreciated…

Did an ebay listing just to show pics.

Aren’t those the fake smaller cards? I have an Ivysaur southern islands one. Love 'm. Would also love to know if thre is an actual set out there.

I don’t really think there is a “set” because there are a host of different parties which had produced this style of foil sticker cards. There are a few older japanese/taiwanese “sets” that were a bit more cohesive imo and also featured some great artwork from various japanese releases such as books and cds

Yes, those are definately bootleg sticker cards!

lol are you trolling?

man, I found 1000s of these when I was in Hong Kong, and I threw all of them in the rubbish, and just kept the binder.

The Gyarados evolves from PONYTA!! and has stomp attack! cmon

I remember these were sold around the time Pokemon released here in the US, usually in those vending machines where you put in some coins and you randomly get one (outside of markets and other small stores). They’re most likely fake though, can’t imagine the Gyarados being legit lol.

Ahhhh…that rings a bell. I got this binder from my friend with the Pokemon vending machines years ago so these must have been the sticker cards sold inside those machines.

They do sell though, thry have a great novelty factor. But should be posted as fake, no way round that.

I still think my Sticker Card of Gyarados evolving from Red Gyarados is better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Sorry for blur, need to take a better picture in the future for my collection in general).

But to answer your question, honestly, I do not know. I look out for sticker cards and bootlegs all the time because of my flats collection and as someone already said, they come from multiple sources.

As for the range, I’ve never paid more than 2 to 4 bucks for a single sticker card if it wasn’t official.

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I want that Gyarados evolving from a red Gyarados…I also like sticker bootlegs and bootleg cards that have really wonky holo styles or unique artwork.

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hmm debating if I should buy this lot for $10k. very tempting