Does anyone know about Cardass sticker cards?

Hi Folks,

I was sorting through some boxes and found a bunch of these Cardass vending sticker cards and some other strange prism cards that I acquired from a collection I purchased about 6 years ago. I was wondering if anyone has any information about them or can offer any insights on valuation. This is definitely out of my area of expertise.

Thanks everyone!

I can’t give you a proper valuation, but with how the market is today for anything pokemon related, basically any kanto starter/pikachu card that is in gem mint condition is absolutely worth grading

eq :

Yeah, while searching for a Bgs charmander, found out some of my 1996 Japanese poker cards are actually worth $200+ graded, with Charizard being $500+. If it’s Kanto and has pikachu or the starters, grade it.


I’ve seen phone cards with those kanto mons and also random bandai Lugia cards reach $200+ in BGS 10s as well. Gen 1/2 popular mons are just hot sales today, it’s pretty awesome to see the high demand in today’s market

Do you have pictures of the back as well? The bottom of the cards should have full copyright info in English text. Fakes only have the date posted on the bottom. A lot of these were faked in Japan and sold en masse - usually it was the Holographic cards that were faked more.

While their are some cards mixed in that I don’t know the origin of, the vast majority of these are from various carddass anime sets. The Holo carddass anime set cards usually go for $20-30 maybe more depending on the characters. The tough part about carddass anime sets is there do not seem to be formal card lists anywhere.