Can someone explain the Carddass Japanese Cards?

I’ve seen them on occasion and do love the art as it is old, janky and reminiscent of the original games. Honestly the info on these cards is very limited on bulbapedia. I have seen smpratte discuss them a little bit, but I am confused regarding origin and what constitutes the entire set. I know only certain cards are holo, but also there are some cards that have a “prism” holo pattern.

Can anyone give more information and tell me a bit about what the set or sets are valued at? Just want to get an idea since I love the old japanese cards.

I could be wrong but I believe that there are cards for the original Kanto Pokemon (#1-151) and then two special cards featuring Red & Blue in different poses with the starter Pokemon. I have a set of the Pokemon (#1-151) that I paid $270 for this February and from what I could see on eBay the two special cards were priced much higher around $100 each. When I get home from work today I can check which cards are prism if you would like.

The above link may provide the information you’re looking for. As for value wise, the prisms are typically priced higher due to it being holo, and the most valuable cards are typically the 2 secret prints from Carddass part 3-4.


I bought the full set earlier this year. Unfortunately I don’t have any information, since I also know everything from either Scott’s video or Bulbapedia. You can see my full set (including No. 000 and CARDDASS) here within the spoiler.

Some additional information could be found here on Pokeboon, which is a pretty good site for information about non-TCG Pokémon sets I recently came across when searching for information about the Topsun cards. It also shows the first Bandai Carddass Pokémon set, which I personally don’t really like. As well as some of the Jumbo promos (would like the Pikachu for funsies, but it’s almost impossible to find, and also pretty expensive).

EDIT: Looks like @fiery beat me to it with the Pokeboon link, since I was browsing eBay while making this reply, haha. :laughing:



Those are cool guys. Thanks. I will check them out in a bit when I get the chance! Gotta finish up posting grades for my kids first haha

I think if I found a good price for a NM set then I would buy one. I saw a set for sale on eBay, but upon close inspection some of the cards looked beat up.

The Bulbapedia page ( ) for the Carddass set has pictures of all the cards, but in very low quality. (200X300 pixels) for some of them.
I’ve been working on updating the Burger King trading card page ( ) but am still missing some and have pretty beat up cards.

So… If anyone wants to help me archive these great sets for others to enjoy, I personally would greatly appreciate it, as I’m sure many future trainers would as well.

I’ve got 400 dpi scans of the Bandai cards. Made an account at Bulbapedia but couldn’t figure out how to upload them. I might take a shot at it again.

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Is it right to call them cards when they’re stickers? :stuck_out_tongue:


^^ this! I didn’t realize they are stickers until I actually had one in hand and was honestly kind of disappointed.

Defenitely cards to me

Sticker cards…:wink: