Carddass chase cards?

So i caught carddass fever…

I’m pretty well versed with the 1997 set (Sugimori alt art) but really am at a loss about the other sets, particularly the anime sets which are seemingly impossible to catalog…

My questions are:

  1. does each set have a chase card(s) like the 97 special cards??? If so, what are they?:thinking: I’m not talking about cards that are just more desired but a specified card that is extra rare.

  2. Is this a “special” card?

  1. What is the deal with the index cards from one of the early Bandai sets? I’ve feel like ive seen them for bipolar prices? is there a difference? distribution?

  1. Were the evolution cards in the 97/98 sticker sets part of the set? or promotional?

  2. Any other promo cardass?

Any help is appreciated!!

See a doctor, pronto!

Sorry… It’s just that the 12-year-old in me finds something particularly hilarious about the phrase “carddass fever.” :rofl:


where’s pokephd when you need him

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Lol nice one @japanime

Yes… Carddass sets are immensely complicated… T.T

Most of the Bandai Carddass releases such as Zelda / rockman / dbz / Gundam / Sailor Moon at the time are all hard to catalogue.

I’ve picked up a fair few, and am still clueless on some of the sets, I’m sorry but won’t be able to help much.

All I know is that most of the 97-98 cards came in a box similar to this:

Generally would have 6 prism cards total in one box set. With 36 regular cards. So a total of 40 cards per box type.

With pokemon, I notice the numbers go beyond the box break. I think one box I opened gave me like #66-106 of one set. So, yeah I think you need a few different types of boxes to get one complete set. I will have to confirm the numbers and details of the sets afterwards when I get home; but its really hard to catalogue as you said.

The special card you shown looks like one of the prism cards you would get in a box. But be careful of fakes, where sometimes the prism will actually fall into the glossy/matte coloured sections at the bottom or borders of the card.

The sticker sets… I don’t know how many there are, but again, come in the same boxes as above. Contain 12 stickers for 1 set generally. I had a couple of sets on my ebay cheap, the sticker sets are super cute, and have the Japanese chibi pokemon art style.

And those index cards I haven’t seen before x.x

I will try get more detailed information later on… :blush:

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That was actually quite helpful @kkthxbai I’m interested to hear the box break #s. Pretty sure that each set is in fact broken in to subsets (i.e part 1-4) which would explain your pulls of ~#66-106

Also for the potential anime special card posted above, I found that on pokemoncraftstore for 100 GBP so it raised some questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol nice,

Yeah don’t quote me on that 66-106, I know the sets are broken up somehow, but not sure by what numbers. I will try check when I get home. I only had 3 boxes… so not many :S

Farout 100GBP! that seems really high to me. Maybe it was one of the harder prisms to pull. I haven’t seen that exact one before, so it might be extremely rare.

I know some of the other sets can fetch anywhere between $20-$100 for a whole set

yea 100gbp seemed way out of the ballpark for prices of any individual anime card. plus i hadnt ever seen that card before either

  1. For the 1996 Red/Green set there were three promo cards, for the 1997 set there were two, 1998 didn’t have a promo that I’m aware of, I’m not sure about later sets.

  2. I’m not knowledgeable in post 1998 sets so I’m not sure.

3.Those would be the 1996 Red/Green promo cards

  1. The 1998 Evolution cards were just the next year cards. I’m not sure how they were distributed, but I’d consider them an extension of the 1997 sticker set.

  2. Not technically a carddass, but if you’re into non TCG cards/sticker I always recommend Meiji, Nissui, Topps, Topsun, there’s a few others but I can’t think of their names and they’re quite rare.


Yea all those are great! the Top battle cards are SWEET … Always looking for battling Whiscashes :wink:

I am working on my PokeMD if it helps. :blush:

This is the series 5 of the 1998/1999 set. Theres pictures of all for reference. There’s 5/6 prism holos including the only prism Charizard in the set.
I have more organized pictures of other series/sets I’ll try to find.

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