Bandai Carddass- Help keeping them all straight

Ok, I’m trying to figure out what all the different Bandai Carddass sets are. I think I’m understanding it that there was a 1996 set that looked like these:

and a 1997 set that looked like these:

So how many different cards were in each set?

Also does anyone know what set this is, and do these boxes have the same selection of cards, thereby guaranteeing you’ll have an entire set if you get your hands on each box number?

Anyone know how many of these boxes would be in each set?

I did just find this little clue:

It seems there are sets 1 and 2 from 1996 and sets 3 and 4 from 1997. The 1996 was the top art and the 1997 was the bottom art. Is this correct?

Also does anyone know if you buy one of those boxes that says set 1 for instance will that include all the set 1 cards? I’ve seen some auctions showing two small boxes and one large. Does that mean each set is comprised of three boxes? I’m just making guesses here. If anyone knows I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Bandai has a ton of different cards through out the years.

The first sets were the 1996 Green and Red sets, which look like the first image you’ve provided, they also have 3 promo cards and 5 checklists which have images of a pokedeck.

The 1997 set would be the only one with a wiki page

Then there’s the 1998 which are cards that feature images from the Anime (most likely the contents of box you posted), and a second set of [cards that look like these](!BWSQ27wBGk~$(KGrHgoH-DgEjlLl0b,6BKWscC6E3!~~_3.JPG)

There’s a bunch of other random holo version Bandai cards that are hard to find, it become difficult to actually start to determine the difference between bandai, meiji, tomy, topsun and all the other pokemon companies producing cards at the time.

Then you also have stickers and small insert cards that were produced by bandai, the stickers look like this, and the small cards are inserted in Bandai toys in 1997 and look like thisyTd9EBQbzR4g7t!~~60_35.JPG)

Wow there is a lot of cards! Thanks for all the info.

Based on some of limited research I’ve found and other yahoo japan auctions I looked at yesterday but can’t find now I think that box I posted is probably some of the 1997 cards and the 1998 cards you posted I’m pretty sure I saw in an open box on yahoo japan or similar.

EDIT: Ah shoot you’re probably right, they probably are 1998 cards. Here is further evidence to support you:

The dates on those boxes say 1998 and they look almost just like the other box.

But if anyone knows for sure how the collections were arranged in boxes I’m very interested, especially in the 1996 and 1997 ones.

Did each box have the same set of cards and it was just random for those using the vending machine, or are the boxes randomized too almost like a booster box for the TCG?

Thanks though for the info cullers. :blush:

I have some of the 1997sand a brock promo one

I posted these up a while ago, I still class these are Bandai productions. Pictured are the 12 card sticker sets, these we’re found in boxes the same as timewasters last post.

Plus these blue and red foldout cards are by Bandai also, I think from 1998, I have never seen them on ebay, but someone said they were on yja quite cheap.

I think there is over 4 or 5 of the sticker sets, and well, that foldout set, I can’t find enough info on…

Hey thanks for posting that! I wonder if that’s what I won on YJ still sealed in the box. I only paid 1000 yen for a series 1 and 2 box plus all the fees and shipping. I guess I’ll just have to see what it ends up being. I really like those sticker cards though. The artwork is cool!