Help IDing and Pricing some Japanese Cards

Hello. I’ve only posted on here once before and I let the thread die because I accidentally forgot about this site, but, after spending a good hour and a half looking I have re-found it!! I’m wondering if I could get some help IDing some of these Japanese cards that I have. I believe that they are promos, but I’m not sure wxactly what they are, or if they are worth anything at all.

There is a giant Pikachu/Pichu card, an Entei (like the English Black Star promo #34), A Mew doing a flip (with its packaging), an Igglybuff and Hitmontop (basically Black Star promos #36 + 37), Two cards flipped backwards and sealed with a “Pikachu the Movie 2000” packaging, five weird cards with green lettering backs (Pinsir, Arbok, Clefairy, Drowzee and Dragonite), and five little card things that look like stickers, but aren’t (Pinsir, Tentacruel, Nidorino, Sandshrew, and Pideot).

There are scans of all the listed cards here:

Any help with identifying and/or pricing these cards is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

The mew doing a flip is a 2001 Coro Coro Shining Mew(worth about $15 to $20)

The Jumbo Pichu & Pikachu is a July 2001 Coro Coro card(worth $10 to $15)

The Hitmontop/Igglybuff cards are from the Japanese 2000 Movie Giveaway(worth maybe $5)

The cards with the green backs are 1995 Topsun’s. The limited edition had blue backs, the green backs were more of an unlimited edition(worth $2 to$4 each)

You can get more for the Shining Mew on eBay.