Official Nintendo Promo Cards

Can’t find infos on these.
Can’t really tell if this is their real name but even troll&toad recognizes this name so I agree until more informations come out.

Copyright says 1995,1996 and 1998, so probably the release is 1998.
Some cards have blue borders instead of red, I’m unsure if every pokemon can have both borders or a specific one. But this far I didn’t see both borders for anyone.

Tracked down so far:

Red Borders

  • #01 Bulbasaur
  • #04 Charmander
  • #07 Squirtle
  • #25 Pikachu
  • #39 Jigglypuff

Blue Borders

  • #52 Meowth
  • #113 Chansey
  • #133 Eevee
  • #149 Dragonite

This one really bugs me because I remember getting these brand new although I can’t remember where. I’m leaning towards they came out of a food item like a cereal box or pop tarts or something.

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I’ve read that these came from fruit by the foot products but I’ve got nothing to back that up with

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Found it!


Ok, things are getting interesting now!

Bulbapedia says:

Pokémon Rolls were produced by General Mills under the Betty Crocker name and released in 1999. The product is candy rolled into a flat strip, similar to the popular brand Fruit by the Foot. Pokémon Rolls came only in “Punch Red” flavor and were sold in packs of six. Each box included a special Meowth promotional card for a limited time.
Jonathan Yusen, marketing manager of Betty Crocker, stated the following in regards to the rolls: “In order to keep our fruit snacks fun and entertaining, we love to work with equities that are hot with kids.”

The 1999 release don’t match the copyright of the cards.
Also, bulbapedia says only the promo meowth was given with this product (I kinda remember it wasn’t sure to find the gold border on every box, but let go for now).

This Box:


It's slightly different from the one above posted by @khairis , it was a different promotion (the one we most know, in partnership with wotc for the gold border meowth. So the cards given here were tcg card. BUT, there is still the other version, that states STICKER, not CARD.


And those “stickers” are clearly the ‘official nintendo promo cards’ (we can call them “Pokemon Rolls Sticker” now?) you can see in the front box blue border Primeape and Jigglypuff.

So, we’re close, but not done yet.


There is also a silver and gold border Ho Oh:

But these has different copyright dates, no number and blue border on back. My gut instinct said Burger King. But I know they’re not. They’re similar to the BK promos though.


This dude is a hero and posted on his page (almost) every packaging, all the tcg-tips (just the text) and confirmed the tcg cards were all from base set (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) except the gold border meowth from jungle.

Confirmed also that Betty Crocker continues to put tcg cards in the products.
12 cards from sun&moon, this time it’s not fruit rolls but fruit snacks shaped like smashed pokemon (they are pretty bad to look at, but come on, they were made to be eaten not collected, we can forgive).

BUT for non-tcg I’m still stuck. Added all the 1998 cards I could find online (9 in total) at the first post.
Nothing found for the 2000 gold/silver border one yet.

Well thats freaky. I just bought a few of these for fun and was going to post asking for identification when they arrived today. Trying to find a whole set since I sometimes see them posted on reddit in old collections. Absolutely have seen gen 2 pokemon so I assumed they were part of the Pokemon 2000 movie promotions. Theyre so generic that Ive been calling them snackpack cards since it was unknown exactly where they came from and someone in an old thread was saying from something similar to poptarts.

Heres what I got in today.


@qwachansey do you have this Chansey? I looked through your collection thread and saw some non-TCG stuff but not this one.

I don’t, I generally don’t collect much non - TCG stuff. Thanks for thinking of me though :slight_smile:


This Is bad, my friend.
Look how gorgeous is this boy over here:

Never skip non-tcg for species collections

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This one I made an exception for yep! It’s in my collection :slight_smile:


I have missed it. My fault!

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