PLESE HELP Unkown pokemon card collected 20 years HELP!!

i found these in a old binder i collected 20 years ago as a kid i have no idea what it is and i have reached out to some very important people and even they do not no where its from its legit no copy no BS its legit its old i just want to no where its from and do i have something thats ultra rare i have 6 of these cards but all diffrent pokemon ill be share one of the 6 that i have thank you please help :grin: :grin:

This has triggered some sort of memory for me. On the front it somewhat looks like the cards they gave away at KFC way back when, but this isn’t quite it. Just throwing that it as some sort of general direction–maybe they were cheap giveaways by some other fast food place or if some kind of kids’ cereal/snack? Lol

Could you tell us the names of the other Pokemon you have of these cards? It might help us in our search.

ANything will help as no one seems to have any of these in there collection wondering if there are any in the world or if there worth anything thanks anyone that can help

I am not sure about the card, but the information on the back is a map of Kanto with the location to catch Bulbasaur. It kind of reminds me of the cardass cards that had the pokemon game info on the back of them.

Hi architect, I know that in Canada they did a promotional set through ‘Danone go yogurt’ that looked identical to the artwork you have there, but it is in french I believe, so maybe it has to do with the English Dannon counter part to that. I don’t know much more about it, good luck!

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The only other thing I know is that the canadian set didn’t have bulbasaur, but the Polish set did, check this

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i have had people send me some of those but the problem is i have yet to see the card i have all white with the correct stamps i also have a eevee that has no evolves on it so i no they are very old when he doesnt even have any evolve states yet i have alot of collectors that want to buy them but i have no idea where they are from or even a price to stand on its been a mystery for a long time thank you kingpokemon for showing me this thread

Gonna @ @quuador on this. I know he runs the non-TCG Pokemon card identification thread. Although I just gave it a brief lookthrough and could not find this card on there.

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Thanks for the tag, but I primarily made the non-TCG identification thread because I barely know anything about most non-TCG cards myself. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m afraid I’ve never seen this type of card before.


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Man the way you write kinda makes my head hurt. Nice find


That’s pretty cool how it has the pentagon visual with the atk, def, sp atk, sp def and speed like you see in the video games. Definitely reminded of when I played the games


Almost looks like it came out of the strategy guides for the games. Promo pieces that are clearly tied to the game as all the info is for red/blue. I’m thinking strat guide, cereal boxes, or other sourcing that was coinciding with games. I am responding because I vaguely remember seeing this as a young’in.

anyone think of a price it may be since no one has seen them or has them?

One hundred million dollars


i wish that much hahaha id take like 200k lol

when you find out what it is let me know so I can buy some haha

Can you start by telling us where you are located in the world lol? Because like guy above when I first opened the pic I looked for the French text when I saw the back because my memory was telling me these were given promotional in Canada by either the yogourt companies or the milk/cheese company Lactancia they had weird inserts in their ficello cheese strings if my memory serves me correctly lol!

I wouldn’t pay anything above $1 for that type of card. Not to sound smug but there is zero demand for a card like that. The artwork is the base artwork used in almost every non tcg card and other products so it’s not unique at all. That tells you a little bit about it’s value and desirability.

This is remastered artwork of already existing Ken Sugimori so it’s most likely from 1998 as it states on the copyright, it’s not from a pre “eeveelution” era. To be honest my instinct tells me these cards might be a promo card given out at a fast food restaurant as part of a kids meal.


I have a eevee card I ca. Post that has no eeveeloution on it at all just says eevee so yes it is pretty eeveeloution

And you may say a dollar but who has them no one who can find info on the no one so the whole dollar thing is a bit of an insult nonflame when there are none for sale or circulation