SWSH 12.5 Crown Zenith / VSTAR Universe Discussion Thread

aoki’s other illustrations in the last year


pre orders on pc



Love that Lucario VSTAR as the promo

First time i truly prefer the PC ETB over the regular set one.

Beautiful product.

still waiting for kadabra return :melting_face:

Oh my arceus.

Edit: Might be a fake, so don’t get your hopes high up. :frowning:


I hope I’m wrong because this looks amazing, but I think I saw that this was fanart and not an official card :confused:

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Oh man that design is so sick, sucks if that is true.

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They should hire that person if that’s fan art, amazing.

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I found the artist / their original post after digging some. :slight_smile: That’s too bad because it looks great. I agree @handschoen, there’s a lot of great artists all across the internet that could definitely make good looking cards if given the opportunity


so, they did announce some more cards last night (mostly reprints aside from the new lost vacuum artwork), but strangely did not show off the AR for comfey.

i haven’t checked the set numbering, but if i had to guess, colress would get a SAR as well

Another day, another PCJ lottery L :weary:

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Upcoming SAR duet illustrated by Naoki Saito - Adaman & Irida


As a Saito lover who just started PLA, this is hitting just right for me

Is this the first card since Shining Magikarp that the art has had the regular and shiny form of a Pokémon in the same art?


I love all the new alt arts, they are amazing and just pleasing to look at. However, i feel at this point they may be overdoing it. Each of these cards could be a chase card in another set by themselves and people would buy millions of packs. To quote the greatest philosopher of our time Syndrome “With everyone super, no one will be”

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That is the point though, an all-in-1 reprint set made to be accessible for #1 players and #2 collectors. A strong sendoff before moving onward to Scarlet & Violet

As long as they print it to hell and back, I think it’s okay.

A weird set composition from Japan is surprising. SAR of Leafeon VSTAR and Glaceon VSTAR, but only Leafeon V and VSTAR are in the main set, no Glaceon. And the Leafeon V is the same artwork from Eevee Heroes. We are still missing the Leafeon V and Glaceon V from a Chinese promo awhile back.