Some questions about cp6/evolutions and print runs

Was there ever a CP6 unlimited print run, or are they all 1st edition?

Does anyone know if Evolutions is still being printed? If so, any idea on how much longer it will be printed for?

And in general, how long is an English set typically printed for these days? Does the print run of each set depend on its popularity, or are they all the same?

No, there was never an unlimited run for CP6. Everything is 1st edition.

Evolutions is probably still being printed but someone else can confirm that. All the sets are being printed in huge quantities these days


Thanks. Anyone else able to chime in? I thought I read something about unlimited boxes in the official thread for the set months ago, but didn’t feel liking digging through 78 pages.

Searching that thread for “unlimited” results in only 4 pages.

shit, totally forgot about the search function…

It seems smpratte got word of unlimited boxes, but it was never confirmed.