Japanese XY UNLIMITED cards

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I’m trying to figure out the history of the unlimited versus 1st ed runs of Japanese cards in the XY era. From what I can tell it seems like they stopped printing unlimited runs of sets sometime during this era, essentially making so-called “1st ed” cards the equivalent of unlimited runs. Does anyone have any info on this? I know that the recent Japanese S&M cards don’t have 1st ed printings, but I’m interested in the XY era atm. I’d particularly like to hear from someone in Japan if possible!

XY1 - 1ED and UED
XY2 - 1ED only
XY3 - 1ED only
XY4 - 1ED only
XY5 - 1ED and UED
XY6 - 1ED and UED
XY7 - 1ED and UED (however UED is very scarce)
XY8 - 1ED only
XY9 - 1ED only
XY10 - 1ED only
XY11 - 1ED only

To the best of my knowledge that’s the correct printing runs. Of course some of the newer XY series sets are probably still in print so they may get UED runs.


As a Pikachu collector I only know the sets containing them. The first XY set (XY1) had both a 1st and unlimited print run.
Can’t say much for the next few XY era sets, because the Japanese Pikachu were all promos instead of being part of the sets. (The 20th Anniversary set was only printed in unlimited, though.)

I did hear some rumors of the XY Evolution indeed having a second print run where they didn’t remove the 1st edition. (And Sun & Moon is indeed only printed in unlimited. They seem to have abandoned 1st/unlimited printing differences).


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