Skin in Progress

Hey everyone!

I thought that with the new year, UPCCC should get a face lift! :blush:

Here’s what I’ve been working on.

I know the blue wasn’t received the best by everyone, so I thought that changing to some neutral colors would be best.

It’s not done, but what do you guys think? Is this something you’d like or should I just leave the skin the way it is?

Hi Bluey,
Excellent work. I like your proposed design much better than the current one. The colors are much easier to the eyes and I like the rounded edges of the boxes. I suggest changing the Chat Box as well to blend with the rest of the layout.


I really like the current but I think this might be a bit better. Well-done! And thanks :blush:

Thanks! :blush:

I will change that very soon. :blush: I haven’t figured out how to get the table to have the same border as everything else, so I haven’t been able to change it yet. There are also a few other things that need tweaking. :wink:

@cbd1235: You’re very welcome. I’m hoping this will be a little more pleasing to a larger crowd. :blush:

Honestly, so long as the functionality is still there, I wouldn’t mind this switch one bit. I absolutely love the banners. And I like the new one’s sense of branding. The Pokeball with UPCCC on it adds a perfect sense of uniqueness to the community. It’s like getting an awesome logo AND a new series of incredible site banners.

Keep up the incredible work! It is genuinely appreciated.

I really do like the new look! However I have grown accustom to this current one as well.

I think one thing that I would change on the new design is making the banner/logo smaller. I can understand wanting to assert its dominance from a design point of view as it is the first thing your eye will be drawn to and it contains the most prominent links…it just seems (to me at least) to loom over the rest of the page. Perhaps make the logo a bit smaller and more to the left aligned with the the rest of the forum. Other than that, the color choices, design, and feel are spot on! Very modern :blush:

p.s If I could be a bit picky about one thing…I notice you use a lot of newer card artwork…which is awesome as the 3d render characters look great. However, could you make a banner that reflects more of the original artworks and promos that many of our members are partial to?

Keep up the great work!

I’ll be quite now :blush:

Could I second Mike’s suggestion above? I would also like to see some older artwork if possible or even snippets of trophy card designs. Thanks. :blush:

Thanks for all of the feedback guys! I’m glad you’re liking it. :blush:

@mike: I will definitely fiddle with that some more. I had been thinking that it was too big as well, but I was waiting for one of you guys to say something! Haha! :wink:

Ah yes. I will definitely add some trophy card images to the banner. The one thing I was worried about with that was image quality. I need very large images, but I also don’t want them to look blurry and pixilated. If you guys have nice large scans of some of your favorite/rare cards, please message them to me! :blush:

I can send over huge-sized scans of my cards for the banner. Anybody like to request? Maybe Illustrator, your favourite Pika, Khan, anything else?

We should do other Japanese promos as well, such as: surfing/flying pikachu, bilingual exeggcutor, lily pad mew and the original fan club cards.

Jason, I think if we can get the illustrator, the big three (Pika, SSB and TMB) trophy khan, unikarp and tropical wind on one banner it would be rather impressive. At the very least have one of each represented.

I actually like the promos better than the trophies! Anyways awesome, any other input?

This sounds great guys!!

Do you have any snap card scans? I love those things.
I thought someone here had one of those cards, but I can’t remember who… lol

I have gyarados, I can include that scan

Great! :blush:

I’ll finish some other things up and change the banner around when I get the scans. :blush:

Pm me your email :blush:

The idea of University Magikarp zapping (Beaming, shooting? Haha) the logo sounds really awesome to me.

Wow the like and dislike is awesome!!! Is that totally internal or connected to facebook or what? I’m not good at this stuff.

It’s just internal. There might be a way to connect it with Facebook if desired, but I would have to consult someone else for that! :wink:

I can change the “LIKE” and “DISLIKE” images to something else. I picked the Facebook ones because I thought most people would recognize them. Haha!

Where do I find the like dislike choice?

You have to register on the test site Gary