I'm sorry but upccc has a terrible design...


There’s an unbelievable wealth of knowledge here but the forums design itself looks like something that spawned out of geosites. I can’t even read some text due to the crazy background image without highlighting it.
For example the: The Ultimate Pokémon Card Collectors Club :: Random Topic Center :: Sour Grapes :

Idk i just think this place should look better, heck maybe even a banner contest to make it fun? *o*

I actually agree. When logged in I think it looks great, but if you are logged out the black background with pink font is not appealing whatsoever.

Are you referring to the one with the white background and black text or blck background and pink text? When I am logged in the font is black and background is white and it looks great.

Can we have our own settings per user? I like how mine is currently just wondering if that would help

Basically, as admins we should be able to create a new skin for the forum. Currently, we have two skins - the default one (which I’m guessing most people use), and the UPCCC one, which only DJ uses :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone has the time to create a new one, go for it. It’s finding the time in the first place that’s the issue…

The bit that confuses me is - how do we consistently have 80+ guests viewing the site when most people can’t read anything? :thinking:

Oh wow that looks amazing. *uses*

And dogma as a new user I can say that the main design when you’re logged out is very jarring. It’s just kind of a clash of everything and those 80+ guests might be thinking that too. @.@

Yeah I think that the black background and pink actually deters people from joining the site. I personally would have that impression, but the one claire made looks pretty attractive :blush:

It does look pretty damned good!

OK, my comments are:

  • Is it possible to get the image to cover more of the title bar? It looks a bit weird having that much grey space (but a definite improvement on what we had before. LOVE the art)

  • I would prefer the font of the UPCCC to be the one you use in the logo of collectorviper.com (but I reckon I’ll warm to this one)

  • I would love for all the greys to become lighter to give it a minimalistic look. Is there a way to play around with the skin without it screwing up everyone else’s view? If everyone prefers the grey I might create a new one just for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • An alternative background would be the one that pokemon-card.com currently uses (is that plagiarism? I guess it is). For the record I give this new backgroun 11/10, love that too!

  • did you change all the icons too? they look way better!

So you can see that I am literally nitpicking. Good job!

That’s what I meant! I’m impressed 80+ people continued to read UPCCC because it was so damned hard to read!

Awsome! Claire, that background is perfect! I love the pikachu and the font is easy on the eyes!

Yes please! I’m going to see whether a total minimalistic look would work

Hmmm… is it worth doing two sizes? I’ve got a crappy netbook so the current size will be perfect for that but then a larger size for a large screen would be good. Maybe not at 1920x1200 (that’s a bit much :sunglasses: but say… 1680 x 1050? People have that resolution, right?

If you’ve already got a larger size/it’s trivial pulling it out from the PSD, I’d love to have it given you’re cloning the design

Oh, and anatomy lesson - you can’t be a dick ;D (sorry - couldn’t resist)

Why can’t I pull the background but can pull off every other image? That’s very annoying. If you can, that’d be an awesome back-up design if people get bored of this one

Yeah, me too, they’re great

It’s a great design, well done for doing it so quickly! I knew when we made you an admin you’d be awesome for the site.

If more people want to be admins, it’s simple: be as useful as viper.fox (I’d love to see people try :wink:)

Mwahahahaha, mine looks soooooooooooooooooo cool now (well at least I think so)

Oh fuck. Meh, we’ll make you an admin some day, just don’t tell DJ! :wink: ;D

:sob: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

What screenshot? (I feel terrible!)

On a serious note I think this thread has now run its course. So happy with where we ended up though, this can only mean good things for the board