V5 Upgrade

Hi everyone!

Looks like we just got upgraded to V5 of ProBoards. I will start working on changing the skin right away to make things readable. :blush:

Ok that’s great. One thing iv noticed is the Sales area is missing after the upgrade.

How do you check your mail… I’m waiting for a PM from Jason and Howard

It is very difficult to find the login page.
Can this be updated too?

I’ll get back to you asap :blush:

For the time being, please go to your Profiles and change your skin to ‘Default’. You’ll be able to see things this way. I’m having major problems with the skin… :unamused: I’m copying everything exactly from the test site and it still looks way different over here. *sigh*

You can access profile by clicking your user name. took me a while to find that

Wow, it looks very nice!

You guys can go back to the ‘V5’ skin now if you’d like. It’s far from done, but everything should function. :blush:

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It looks great Sammy! The charizard art is ridiculous.

I am sure once we get used to the new features it will be better than before.

For people who was on here before that switched to default… here’s how to switch back

Click on your username, edit profile, settings tab, click forum theme to “v5 skin” save. then refresh. and you will see the “messages” on the home page once again.

Hey Bluey* Can you activate the “new Topic” function again. I kind of like that… easier to find threads.

There it is. I just have to make a button for it, but it’ll work in the meantime.

I could try! lol I’d need a good scan of the card. PM me. :blush:

@bluey.:* – I love the upgrade! Great job, keep up the stellar work :blush:

I love the new threaded messages view I actually know what a reply is from :blush:

The new messages are awesome and that Charizard is absolutely brilliant :blush: Thanks for all your hard work Bluey, can’t wait to see the finished product!

Nice job! Let us know when it is finished.

Very nice. Is the forum tapatalk enabled now?

Looking well on its way with some new banners :blush:

Why does it bring us offsite to login now?