New Look for UPCCC?

Hey guys!

I’ve been staring at UPCCC for awhile today and I’m really in the mood for a new look (or updated look).

I wanted to know how you guys felt about that. :blush:

If you have any suggestions for a completely new look or have some suggestions to spice up the current one, please let me know! I have the next 3 days off of work, so I have time to crank some stuff out!

You can also drop suggestions for how the forum is organized with boards and such as well. :blush:

Ooh! Like new banners or totally revamped?

I think the current design is pretty decent! The banners are totally badass and the layout is simple and easy to use. Meets all requirements of a good forum, doesn’t it?

I just have suggestions for a few new banners, because refreshing to see only a few unique designs is kinda boring :wink:

The grey is a little flat maybe have an undertone of another colour?

I’m hardly an artist. But I love seeing art.

Just try something big and crazy and different and then throw me some pics if you want a yay or nay type of opinion. :wink:

I love the way you’ve laid everything out, you have done a fantastic job and that cannot be said enough! :blush:

I’m open to letting your creative juices flow, I’m receptive to changes and I’ve liked everything you’ve done so far. Surprise me! :blush: (sorry for the lack of input)

PS I miss the holo Unikarp, that was so awesome, I think most would agree


More banners is the only thing I can think off. Preferably similar, like to the charizard. Let the cards come alive. The forum is easy to use and looks great, don’t change it!

I like the current look. It is user friendly and the aesthetics are nice.

If you want to make another skin we could have it where users can choose which they prefer similar to before the v5 update.

Anyone have high quality scans of:

Masaki Alakazam
Shining Mew
Crystal Celebi
No. 3 Trainer
Karen’s Umbreon
Charizard EX FA

Hahaha, you did so well last time that everyone’s afraid to change it!


Haha! Thanks for the input everyone! :blush:

I think I will keep the overall theme and just tweak some things that bother me (like that ugly border around the Categories on the main page, ewww!). And most definitely add some new banners! :blush:


I can tackle scans of the first 4 easily if needed. Are you meaning no.3 Pika?

@cbd1235 if you could that’d be swell

Yes :blush: regarding the No. 3 Pikachu
@bluey needs high quality scans of the cards for the banners :blush:

I think those are some fine cards for the banner :slight_smile:
Everyone loves Mew and Celebi.
No. 3 Pikachu is the best -no bias-

S> a picture of @churlocker in a baker’s apron (that should be our new banner)


I know somebody would like this one :sunglasses:



Yes! The “Terrified Trainer Stadium” card is quite lovely :wink:
How did you know it is my favourite?

Bluey, I can be the new banner, right?

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Thanks for ruining my profits @funmonkey54 … Everyone else, sorry no refunds.

I’m sorry but No. 2 Pikachu beats it, no bias :wink: hahahaha. But No. 3 scans better so it can go in the banner :blush:

I’m going to send her the scans as soon as I can.

…Acd that Gyarados scan is unbelievable! :open_mouth:

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I’m on the same route. I actually quite enjoy the look of the forums. It’s simple yet stylized for its subject. However, I would love to see more banners! Maybe even add some not-so-appreciated Pokemon. :blush:


*cough* Ahem… I mean, that is most certainly a delightful suggestion and would surely make a lovely banner. An excellent suggestion indeed, my good fellow.