Sandman's Collection

Hey guys, I spent some hours to begin scanning my collection and I dont want to hold it back from you :blush:

I also took some photos as I noticed that scanning is one of the most boring things I’ve ever done :sunglasses: So if anyone wants a high-resolution scan of something I only have photos of, just tell me…
All of my scans done in 900dpi, digitally resized and correctly aligned :blush:

Starting with my Merchandise/Sealed collection!

More will follow during the next days as it’s a lot of work and I dont have much time
Hope you enjoy! :blush:

Awsome Marcel! It is so organized! Everything looks perfect!

Omg…so jealous. I just started collecting sealed promos like a year ago and have been replacing my opened ones with sealed ones, do you have any duplicates by any chance?

very very nice organized collection.i’m amazed at just those sealed stuff so much lol

So many awesome pictures

I’m going to have a detailed look through them today or tomorrow.

Wow! thats a pretty nice collection. Can’t wait to see more!

@jason which program do you mean?

I added 2 scans of some error cards i found (obviously?) and havent seen before…check it out:

These are sealed rainbow/tropical island sets both “Sea” and “Jungle” but packed with the wrong cards :blush:


Where do you find this stuff? I love your collection, full of unique items, and you obviously love the history of the game.

Excellent, just excellent :blush:

I’ve moved all the irrelevant discussions out of this thread into my collection thread to keep it focused on Marcel’s collection - it was totally my fault to begin with, sorry :sweat:

I wanted to look at these pictures properly rather than on the train somewhere (which is how I usually do my UPCCC reading! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Some of my favourites:

The Natte Wake comics look spectacular. The birthday Pikachu in particular is making me hugely jealous, but I am hoping that Y!J might be a place to pick up the comics too. Loving these!

Is this the guide!?!?!? Ooooooh, want! Is this opened? I’d love to see some pics of what’s actually inside it

What’s in the background of this?

OK I don’t even know what this is :thinking:

Pikachu looks almost as cute in this as in our new banner! What precisely is this card for? Is it just a membership thing or is this required for things like tournaments?

So this is what that card came in! I didn’t know this was a CD package. Do you have the CD too? That’d be too cool

Amazing picture. Did you get all the bits and pieces in one purchase?

I’m guessing this is the cover of one of the sub-sections of the magazine rather than the full thing because it looks nothing like a normal CoroCoro comic?

Do you have the other original comics or not?

Please scan some of the inside of this! Please please please! I’ve always wanted to see what’s in this. Smason promised me the magazine but annoyingly he lied about having them. Grrrrr…

i believe both the error and corrected ones came in the book.cant really tell unless you see if the nintendo word is mispelled.i brought the error version one and the book is the same as the other ones.

The thing that you comment on “I don’t even know what this is” is a sticker sheet that came with the sealed 2nd anniversary Calender Happy Birthday Pikachu.



The picture after that I believe is a Daisuki Club Pikachu 019/L-P



This picture is an insert that was in the CoroCoro magazine that had a CoroCoro Ho-oh 010/P promo in it.




CoroCoro switched to these inserts for a few promos instead of the peel sheets, these inserts had that card sealed inside. You can see the perforated edges where the insert was attached to the magazine. The Natta Wake, Visual Books, and Trainer Magazines also had inserts instead of peel sheets. I don’t have any CoroCoro still with the insert in it but I imagined it looked similar to the Visual books


Inside cover with insert (with Porygon card inside the insert)

What an amazing collection you have…awesome pictures. Just a joy to look through them!

Sandman, do you have any tips for collecting packaged goods, or do you just keep a really good look for them?

Do you have to pay more because of sealed items, or do you negotiate down?

I LOVE looking at your pictures, everytime it makes me realise how much more I have to collect!

First of all thanks for all your compliments, I love that you enjoy looking at my collection :blush:

@dogma these items come from all over the world, I am collecting them for years now :blush:
Most of them from different ebay sellers I got in contact to, some of them bought private. But I dont really have any special places where I look for them.

I am waiting for some new cards to arrive, and then I will update with some new photos :blush:

Ok well, I was asked several times to show off my collection, here finally is my updated photobucket album:
Dont miss the subfolders! (There are several)

Enjoy :blush:

Pleas note that I am not finished uploading/making photos, so more will follow :blush:

Some of my new stuff:

Oh I love those Japanese gold stars… I remember promo_sen selling gold stars for $70-100 years ago…

Very nice! I love the magikarp!

I saw the phone cards…I’m glad you wrote the date on them! :blush: …oh btw don’t you have a no.3 TMB or do I have different member in mind??

thanks :blush:
well the phonecards arent mine anymore, they flew over the atlantic ocean right to Scotts Card-HQ :grin:
All I can say is more photos will follow :wink:

You don’t own a set of phone cards anymore? I thought you did…

Awesome gold stars!
I have always loved the Torchic especially :blush:
It’s a shame you don’t still have them Phone cards and i thought you had a TMB #3 too :wink: