Bluey's Collection (Website Added)

My collection website:

It’s very much a massive WIP. The coding is taking quite awhile and not everything looks as awesome as I want. On top of that, adding scans is a huge pain! Haha! Please be patient with it as it will take me some time to complete. :blush:

I am a WOTC collector! I FINALLY completed my promo collection by obtaining a sealed E3 Red Cheeks Pikachu promo. It’s in the mail now and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I have almost all of my promos scanned and I will soon upload them to my PhotoBucket for viewing pleasure. :blush:

But for now, I have one beauty that I would like to show off. Just got her in the mail today, and it’s the most expensive Japanese card I own! Haha! I think that’s saying something… :stuck_out_tongue: This little baby has been on my random wants for a long time now and I finally had the opportunity to snag it! I owe a HUGE thanks to avalanche1313 for allowing me to own this treasure!

And the scan doesn’t do it ANY justice at all so…

(Sorry for the massive images, but don’t they just make your whole computer screen look amazing?? =D)

So that’s my beauty. Enjoy!

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Shining Mew is definetly my favourite Mew card ever. It’s truly stunning. :heart_eyes: Congrats on getting it!

@ Bluey.:* – Congratulations :heart: I can’t wait to see the rest of your collection!

Large images are encouraged – feel free to showcase your cards. I would say incredibly colossal photographs (i.e. pictures that span into another dimension) would be frowned upon.

I love this card, the shine is just unreal!
You really do need to see it in person to appreciate this cards full beauty.

Congratulations on getting one though, large images are great especially when it’s of cards like this. Granted a Weedle I wouldn’t like to see in this size but still. The detail is what makes it.

New addition and the final card to complete my WOTC Promo collection!

If that image doesn’t load, just visit here to see the card.

This card is still sealed in its original packaging and is minty fresh. The packaging is still in amazing shape as well!

Also, I have a WB Creator pack that’s due to arrive today. I’m going to be keeping the pack sealed, so there won’t be any card scans later, but I’ll scan the pack! :wink:

Oooh, that’s awesome! :grin:

Just checked out your website, I love the way you scanned your cards and organized them! I think it looks so cool cutting them in a rectangular way and the quality is phenomenal. Looks so streamlined :blush:

Congratulations on some very nice additions to your collection.

Thanks! :blush:

I have unfortunately hit a road block. I’m only able to have 10 pages without upgrading…and with no work at the moment, that can’t happen sadly. :confused:

EDIT: I’m going to try moving to Weebly. They have unlimited pages, so I think they should work much better. :blush:

Wow, thank you for this. I never realized that Shining Mew had such a rainbow on it. Now I want one >😮

Shining Mew is a must for all collections. :neutral_face:

I have a new website up. :blush: Most of the WOTC promos are up now!

Bluey I love your site!! The layout and design are great and the scans are perfect quality! I will definitely keep checking it out from time to time, good job!

Thanks guys!! :blush: I wanted to capture the old school essence of WOTC in the banner. :blush:

I love having the scans to look at. I can see my collection whenever I want to without having to open binders and potentially damage cards by shuffling them around. :wink:

@frostyfluxy: The link in my signature doesn’t work and I can’t get it to for some reason… The link on my first post works though. :blush:

I love its Shining epic-ness!! :grin:

If I get it graded (which I probably should), I don’t see a 10 coming. There are gloss scratches on the back and 2 tiny white spots on the back edges. The front looks flawless, even in the brightest light I have, but I could have missed something.

For now, it’s in a perfect fit sleeve, deck sleeve, top loader and plastic thing that seals at the top. :stuck_out_tongue:

I loooove Japanese shining cards! So amazing!

Congrats on a nice addition to your collection…have always loved the Neo 3 Shinings

Looks very nice!
But how do you pick the card up again if it’s not in a sleeve?
I almost never remove a card outside of its sleeve, too afraid to damage it!
I’m afraid that if I use my nails to pick it up, it’ll damage the edges of the card.

All you do is slide a sleeve or piece of paper under the card. That’s how I get all my cards out of the scanner without damaging them with my nails :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice card Bluey! If I remember correctly you once asked me for scans of this particular card, must feel great to have one now :blush:

@bluey.:* – Wow~! I do believe a well-deserved congratulations is in order! It is simply beautiful :heart::heart: