RockAbellTCG’s Jolteon Collection

Hey everyone,

I’ve finally decided to share my Jolteon collection, mainly my PSA part of the collection (I have 413 total unique items across all types of Pokemon merchandise releases but going to focus on my main goal here for now)

I initially set out to collect every TCG Jolteon card in PSA 10 across English and Japanese which I am currently sitting at 119/142 (now including non TCG items that PSA have since graded)

English - I have 61 unique PSA 10s, 2 unique PSA 9s and 2 unique PSA 8s:

PSA 8 Sticker Series 1 with non graded higher.

PSA 8 Burger King Perforated with one PSA 9 in circulation.

PSA 9 Topps Series 3 Non Holo with six PSA 10s that I haven’t yet seen on the market.

PSA 9 Battle Styles Blister Promo modern so not too bothered about that yet

Japanese - I have 52 unique PSA 10s and 2 unique PSA 9s:

PSA 9 Meiji Holofoil Promo with non graded higher.

PSA 9 Spiral Force with non graded higher.

Here’s a list of my collection with the cards that I need to complete my goal

I still need to take an updated group picture of everything but here’s a few from my Instagram uploads so please let me know if you want to see any specifically.

Complete WoTC era artworks:

My Gold Star variants:

Random mix of cards:


That is awesome! Congrats on the Jolteon collection.

Great collection! I imagine this took quite some time to put together.

Started back in late 2018, countless hours researching and scrolling! Still a fair bit to find but I own 90%+ of what’s on the market now


I’ll hopefully start posting more of what I have. Especially when I get an updated group picture

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Nice aesthetic going with the images! I remember following you on Instagram back when I used it. Welcome to the site though! (Or at least out of the sea of lurkers)


Very cool! Congratulations!

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Been following you and your collection on Instagram since 2019! I love the dedication and your cards are beautiful! :zap::zap::zap:


That’s awesome. Must feel real good to be able to lay down all those slabs and appreciate them.


Welcome home brotha


Thank you! Interesting to see that people already follow my collection as I thought that wouldn’t be the case on here.

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Thank you, countless hours of research and scrolling!! I’m getting my there although I enjoy the hunt so I’m in no rush to complete


Complete Delta Species, Research Tower and WC deck (Eng/Jpn) variants with an added Kouki Saitou signature and sketch


Love it!

Great to see you here after we’ve talked on IG a few times! I may have already seen all your pictures on IG, it’s still great you’ve decided to make a collection thread here. :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay, and best of luck trying to find those missing PSA-10 Jolteon!

Oh, and make sure to join team Jolteon. :wink:
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Today I finally added the Green variant of the Carddass Vending set in a PSA 10 - 4 years of searching!!


Your collection is just awesome and also very inspiring. Getting so many cards of the same species in PSA 10 is quite an achievement. Thanks for sharing.



5/5 World Championship English Jolteon cards


Love to see them all together. PSA frustrates me how they aren’t consistent with their labels. The 2006 ex doesn’t need the deck name, but the 2007 ex cards do since there are 2 of them, makes sense. But for the Gold Stars, they call out the 2007 deck, but not the 2008. It isn’t necessary since there is only one Gold Star in the 2007 decks.

Good point. I think I’d just prefer Wrld Chmp - deck name something like that. I like the deck names present on the label as it’s good for others to know where the card came from - PSA aren’t the most knowledgable with cards like these tbh