Laneward's Dragonite collection

Hey e4! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day :slight_smile:

I’m currently in the process of collecting Dragonite cards and thought to catalogue my journey here!

Why collect Dragonite? Simple, it’s my favourite Pokemon! As a kid, I remember one cold winter morning, getting up early before school started. I was battling the elite four in Pokemon Blue and was about to face Lance. My team was ready and I launched into battle. Much to my dismay, it seemed I could barely damage his Dragonites, they were so tough! My beloved Venusaur struggled and before long I only had Articuno left with barely any health. Without much hope and with the low health warning beeping at me, I used Blizzard and then, PSHH, I heard the super effective noise! I couldn’t believe it. Dragonite was weak to Ice type moves! While nervously tapping my makeshift cardboard battery cover (the plastic cover broke long ago), I managed to sweep the rest of his team and then revived/full restored/restored PP on my team before saving my game and going to school.

That experience, alongside Lance ruining Team Rocket’s day in Gold elevated Dragonite to easily become my favourite Pokemon.

Sob story over, here is my current (and ongoing) collection!


Dragonite is the best! I can’t wait to watch this collection grow. :partying_face: :heart_eyes_cat:


Awesome collection start. I love when new species collectors join the forum. Obtaining each new addition to your goal is very satisfying, what’s next on your list?


Thanks! Yeah it’s definitely satisfying.

Well due to the constraints on this collection, I only have 25 cards in total that I want to collect. That might grow over time as more Dragonites are released. The exact list is:

Language Card Set
:jp: Japanese Dragonite 149 Holo Mystery of the Fossils
:jp: Japanese Dark Dragonite 149 Holo Rocket Gang
:jp: Japanese Dragonite 149 Game Boy Promo
:uk: English Dragonite 5 Promo
:jp: Japanese Light Dragonite 149 Holo Neo 4
:jp: Japanese Dragonite 126/128 Holofoil Expedition
:jp: Japanese Dragonite 018/T Japanese Promo
:uk: English Dark Dragonite 5/110 Reverse Foil Legendary Collection
:uk: English Dragonite ex 90/97 Holo EX Dragon
:jp: Japanese Dark Dragonite 014/020 1st edition Silver Deck Kit
:uk: English Dragonite 91/101 Holo EX Dragon Frontiers
:jp: Japanese Dragonite DPBP#180 Holo Cry from the Mysterious
:uk: English Dragonite 56/147 Crosshatch holo Surpreme Victors
:uk: English Dragonite 18/102 Reverse holo Triumphant
:uk: English Dragonite 5/20 Cosmos holo Dragon Vault
:uk: English Dragonite 83/116 Cosmos holo Plasma Freeze
:jp: Japanese Dragonite 108/096 1st edition Rising Fist
:uk: English Dragonite 52/108 Cosmos holo Roaring Skies
:uk: English Dragonite EX 72/108 Evolutions
:uk: English Dragonite EX 106/108 Evolutions
:uk: English Dragonite GX 152/236 Unified Minds
:uk: English Dragonite V 192/203 Evolving Skies
:uk: English Dragonite V SWSH154 Sword & Shield Promos
:jp: Japanese Dragonite VSTAR 086/071 Pokemon Go
:jp: Japanese Dragonite V 292 S/P Sword & Shield Promos

I’d love to have all of these in a PSA 10, but that might be hard as a number of them are Pop 0 :smiley: Also my budget isn’t large enough. Even though there are PSA 10 listings right now for some of them on eBay for example, I couldn’t actually just buy them so I’ll need to be patient I guess.

I’ve based this list on 1. The artworks I enjoy the most 2. My preferred card design 3. Not having duplicate artworks 4. Within a reasonable cost.


Nothing wrong with being patient if you can’t afford it. You buy what you can and usually that’s good enough. I’ve got cards on my list I know I’ll never be able to afford.

Great collection though. The early Dragonite artwork is amazing. So much potential for the happy dragon.

I always thought that there were a lot of really nice Dragonite’s. Great collection.

Which are the PSA pop 0 ones?

Could look and see if any CGC 9.5’s exist and try for the cross.


Yeah Dragonite has definitely been spoilt with amazing art!

The cards I want which are Pop 0 for PSA 10 are from Triumphant, Dragon Vault, Plasma Freeze and Roaring Skies. I’m actually considering dropping the Triumphant Reverse Holo… it’s the card I’m least into on my list. And the others are quite hard to find raw mint! But I can be patient.

Also my OCD wouldn’t allow any non PSA labels lol. So I’d crack slabs and get things regraded if needed.

Great story and collection, thanks for sharing! I think we can all relate to that story of trying to get to a good stopping point and save the game before we were forced off to school :joy:

This is a great list! You may want to start a WTB thread here on e4. I am sure that many of us have extra PSA copies of these.

Excellent stuff! Fellow Dragonite collector here!

Extremely versatile sets in the GBA games, high intelligence, the Lv 30 - Lv 55 grind needed to get Dragonite, pseudo-legendary status are why I love Dragonite. Everything you need in a dragon. I’m not so into MtG dragons, they have a different flavor.

I stick to WoTC mainly as this is what I grew up with but for Dragonite you’re pushing me to look at those ex’s. Beautiful arts


Yeah the grind of a weaker Pokemon turning into one of the strongest is so rewarding. Magikarp is the short, quick version of that but Dragonair is similar.

And you definitely should! Dragonite has been spoilt with nice art in every era basically. So glad it got a really nice alt art in Evolving Skies / Blue Sky Stream.

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That’s a great story on why you are a Dragonite collector! I will always remember the scene in the original Pokémon movie when Dragonite is sent to deliver the invitation to Ash and Team Rocket stops him mid flight with a frying pan! Good times!

Side note, it’s not on your list but I have a PSA 9 Expedition reverse holo. HMU if you’re interesting in adding it to the collection!

Thought you might want to look at these auctions ending tomorrow!

And one on Sunday:

Thanks for the links!

  1. Yeah, the EX Dragon is still one I need to get… but I’m going to be patient and try and get a 10. It’ll be expensive, but I’d rather just bide my time :slight_smile:
  2. I already have the Neo 4 in a PSA 10.
  3. I have 2 GB Promos at PSA and I’m hoping one of them is a 10, so I’m not going to buy a 10 unless they both come back as 9s.

I appreciate the help!

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I appreciate it! Yeah I prefer the Cosmos holo version of the Expedition Dragonite over the Reverse Holo, so I will pass on that card. Thank you!