Expedition's Japanese Collection Highlights


Hi! Thanks for taking your time to have a peek at my collection thread.

Let me first introduce myself, I am Expedition, a collector from the Netherlands who has collected Pokémon cards on and off since early childhood. My history with Pokémon cards for those interested:

My earliest memory of Pokémon cards is getting a Jungle pack from our local mall. Inside were some beautiful, colorful cards, and I specifically remember liking the Persian from that pack. My sister and I worked on completing the Pokédex of the first 150 Pokémon, mostly by trading. She ended up pulling a Shining Charizard from one of the few packs we ever got, which I was insanely jealous of. Later I collected ex-cards for my own collection, before abandoning Pokémon as a young teenager. During the 2016-hype I re-entered the hobby and collected Expedition holo’s, as the other E-series were already expensive for my taste, but Expedition had some absolute gems as well. In early Sun & Moon era I had to focus more on my studies and Pokémon slipped to the wayside again. In summer 2020 I sold most of my graded cards for TRIPLE what I paid for them (some cards I graded myself, giving an even larger, whopping 20x return). Little did I know selling these cards would fill me with regret later, but also suck me right back into the hobby. So here we are!

In this thread you will find my favourites amongst cards I own. As I am in the process of cataloguing my collection I thought I could share some of it with E4! My current goal is to complete the PLAY promo set (currently at 22/32 - or 69%). In terms of artists I particularly enjoy Mitsuhiro Arita, Atsuko Nishida, Hajime Kusajima, Hataya and Kyoko Umemoto.

The showcase collection:

Here you find cards I particularly enjoy, framed in a card specific background.

PLAY Promo’s


Darkness, and to Light…


Modern GOATs

Some nice cards I havent gotten round to making backgrounds:

I hope in future to keep you updated on my collection progress!


Try arranging the images in gallery - the drop-down arrow reveals only so many photos before the rest gets cut off by text below

Love the collection with their matching backgrounds (of what I can see so far)


Great collection!

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Very nice cards! How do you get your pictures to show in rows of two?

I like your style - great selections amongst these cards. Awesome collection! Looking forward to seeing your Play Promos progress.

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Love the effort and care you put into documenting your collection. The custom backgrounds really complement the cards well.


@Gstiess92 Thanks! Nice avatar ;).

@nickofturl I used the image gallery function (looks like 9 blocks), it should put pictures in rows of three though.

@camrok37 Play Promos are a lot of fun to chase, I’m low key hunting for a nice copy of Vaporeon GS at the moment!

@pulpyfan Thanks so much! I feel like the process makes me appreciate each card a lot more!


Beautiful cards! Love to see those Japanese PLAY Promos and E-Series cards.

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Update post:

In november Mitsuhiro Arita came to The Netherlands for the first time, and since I’m a huge fan I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to see the absolute legend in person. Signatures were limited to one per person, so I had a tough choice ahead of me, but I settled on getting this card signed:

It was a great experience overal (well organised and pretty chill). I still have to frame the other artworks of his I bought, but for now this piece graces our living room!

I’ve also been working on my 2023 goals, selling a lot of the ‘fat’ of my collection. All with hopes of buying a nice Vaporeon Goldstar PLAY promo, but I ended up crossing a different PLAY promo off the want list. I bought this beauty from @shizzlemetimbers, it arrived today and I’m ecstatic to add it to my collection:

It is (by far) the biggest purchase I’ve made in this hobby in terms of money, so I was quite the nervous Nellie. In the end, I had nothing to worry about!

I’m excited to continue on this journey of collecting all PLAY promo’s, it is somehow extremely fulfilling.