PWCC Vault vs. Ebay Vault

Hey folks,
I’m at a stage with my collection where I’m going to need to start storing my graded cards in a vault.

I’ve started doing some research, but know folks on here are way more experienced and have been vaulting their collectibles for years.

Is there a general consensus on PWCC’s vault capabilities / pricing versus Ebay? Have many of you switched from PWCC to Ebay? Why or why not?

If there’s a thread on this topic already please feel free to direct me there. I searched but didn’t find a true comparison thread.

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I think the default answer is going to be pwcc since eBay is so new. PWCC is currently the most used and most functional vault. With that said I’d love to hear from anyone who has used eBay’s vault.


I’ve been using the PWCC Vault for a bit and I’ve had no issues with the Vault aspect aside from the valuation on a few niche cards.

If you plan on listing any cards on their fixed price marketplace, then I’d wait for eBay’s Vault to actually open.

PWCC needs an update to their fixed marketplace and limiting the dollar amount you can list cards for was not the update they needed. No metrics with any of your listings and you can’t favorite or watch any listings still which seems ridiculous.

I don’t even know if you can consider eBay’s Vault open yet. Last I checked you can’t send your own cards there (only graded cards $350+ bought from eBay can go). Currently, you can only withdraw one card at a time if you wanted anything back from their vault. Also, there seems to be quite a lot of different fees for their vault. I tried to check them out just now, but their eBay Vault fees page wasn’t available so maybe they are updating it.

Once eBay actually does open up their vault, then I would definitely like to send in cards that I plan on listing since they have the best marketplace around.


So I recently watched an Instagram video of someone buying a card to store in the eBay vault. They then listed the card from the vault to the eBay platform. They are an influencer so I assume this was as a promotion for the vault. It was pretty strange because when eBay vault listed the item the pictures were just of the card itself. They scanned the card and left out the slab that it was in. The fact that it was a psa 10 card was in the title and description of the listing but not the pictures. Any idea why this would be and thoughts on this?


Wow yeah that looks bad. If that is truly a graded psa 10 card I don’t know what is going on with the pictures.

Only one official authenticator at ebay? At least they know who signs things off lol.


Wow, I’m not sure that listing format works that well. Also the card is listed under the sellers eBay account, rather than something like eBay_vault, like how pwcc did it when they were on eBay? The whole point of the vault is to sell somewhat anonymously.


This is something they really need to change. Its odd to list an item on an individuals account who doesn’t physical have the card or handle processing.


Yeah this is interesting. If they do that theyll have to do something so that sellers who sell through the vault still get feedback scores etc from sales.

PWCC on eBay felt like the perfect system for buyers and sellers and it’s looking like we’re going to be left with two (or more) inferior systems


Why would you need feedback from a vault sale?

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“If it works for Rusty, it works for me”


I chose feedback and put etc etc etc because it affects everything. One example… If ebay vault sales dont show on your ebay account how do you grow your reputation?

You’re not using your reputation when selling through a vault marketplace.

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I know how vault works ive got stuff in pwcc. Im trying to get across that ebay works on reputation at the moment people prefer to buy from decent sellers and if some of them decent sellers now look like smaller sellers because half their selling now happens in the vault there are repercussions on sales etc. Cause and causality.

I think part of the reason why eBay is restricting what can come into the vault, as well as value thresholds, is so people don’t store half their collection or do half their sales through the vault. The vault should really be reserved for only high end items or $$$ items. They don’t want to be moving $500 cards through there.

I understand theres a cut off but itll be loads lower than $500 as time goes on. They want to maximise profit and ruling most cards out is not what they will do.

@jac2357 What’s your rationale behind needing/wanting to use a vault? Just curious.

To me personally its just another place that sells pokemon. Thats it really.