Ebay vault goes public, is really cheap


$250 minimum. That’s ruled out 90 percent of cards already lmfao.


Not an attractive cost sheet to me. 5% withdrawal for cards worth $1000 and below seems quite high. Plus it’s eBay and I hate eBay, but that’s a different point.

If I could create my own listing title, I would use it for selling in a heartbeat! However as it stands today, when you opt to sell through it eBay dictates and decides the listing title. Neo did a good video on it here:


I have no interest in a vault service. What good is owning cards if you can’t look at them in person?


100% this! I had a card listed through the Ebay Vault that was incorrectly titled and Ebay is the only one that can change the title. I called them on two separate occasions to try and get the title changed. Both times they said they would take care of it and get back to me. Both times nothing happened and there was no followup. I withdrew my card from the Vault afterwards as I wasn’t going to call them a third time for something so trivial as changing the title for an Ebay listing.

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How is this really cheap? Unless I’m missing something, PWCC is 1% withdrawal fee after 90 days, or 3% before 90 days. All of these eBay withdrawal fees are around 4.5%.

Edit: I guess specifically for withdrawing something over $5000, the $50 cap beats PWCC after that. For the vast majority of cards though this is more expensive.


Yup, exactly, i actually have really good luck+sales using/selling from my vault as well!

At a certain value level, it’s a matter of being responsible vs. being irresponsible. That value threshold is subjective for each person.

For myself, it feels irresponsible if I have any cards worth 5 figures or more stored at home long-term.

A potential loss may not matter to some collectors, but the thought of keeping my high-value cards at home and getting robbed would mean losing a large amount of my net worth. I can’t justify the risk to hurt my family’s financial well-being, just because I want to hold a card in person.


Ebay is marketing the low selling fees, not the withdrawal fee. They want you to sell your cards

So there are literally no selling fees until next year and even then the only thing they are adding is a buyer premium of 3%? That is crazy. I suppose buyers may factor in withdrawal fees in the bid price, but even if they do it will still be the cheapest place to sell.

Only problem is the $250 minimum.

$250 dollar minimum is surely to stop a flood of junk slabs being sent to the vault and overloading whatever systems they have in place to manage workload.


Surely eBay would have the resources to manage and scale their processes better than any of their competitors which is why I think it’s odd they still have such a high minimum.

3% for the extra resources they use on cards valued under $250 that they could’ve used elsewhere probably seemed highly inefficient in their book


All those wotc psa 9s that don’t make it and don’t forget psa 10 1st ed Muk fossil that can’t even make it. Far too high.

I feel the same, but I’ve found vaults (I personally use PWCC) to be pretty useful at times. It’s good for storage management (storing extra cards you don’t want taking up space), risk management and security, ease of sale/trade/transfer, and insurance.

I hate to not be able to see my cards, but at some point the concerns about all the aforementioned points ended up outweighing that desire for a part of my collection.


@teraz that is a great point. The value aspect is definitely a concern at a certain threshold.

@fourthstartcg also some great points. The additional services provided by the vaults can certainly help with the aspects you described

While ultimately I don’t think vault services are for me I can see how they work for others with different situations/needs


Yes but would it be worth it? I imagine if they had no floor on the value they are willing to accept then their workload would increase 50x, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

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Americans in this thread complaining about the service.

Meanwhile, the rest of us…



Vaults are very efficient. If PWCC and Goldin can handle it, then I don’t see why eBay can’t. eBay could even add a minimum fee on top of a buyer’s premium for cards under $250 and still be way cheaper than competitors. @ddk points out another limiting factor. eBay vault is only for U.S. users. The limitations of the eBay Vault are odd for a company that is hundreds of times larger than it’s competitors.

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