eBay Vault as a Reseller's Platform

Since eBay Vault has offered a 0% sale fee, I’ve been seeing a lot of high-end Pokemon cards (e.g., 1st Ed Base, Gold Stars) being bought and immediately listed on the eBay Vault for reselling purposes. I suppose that’s what happens when you offer a temporary 0% selling fee.

Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts on the practice? I find it a bit annoying, but I can’t say that I am too surprised. People will get $10K in credit card debt if it means that they can make $1k-$2k reselling within a month or two.

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That sounds like a high risk low reward scenario. Tying up thousands of dollars in hopes to quickly flip a card for more on the same platform you just bought it from is pretty speculative. But at least it’s easier to get card in your vault through a purchase than sending directly yourself.


Yep, I agree. Definitely a high risk, low reward scenario. Seems like a scumbag pratte move.

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I don’t know if I see the problem here. The whole function of the vault is to optimize the buying and sellinv process so these market optimization moves seem very much like a natural byproduct.

It’s completely speculative but the risk/reward is entirely carried by the reseller. They are only successful if they are able to buy something underpriced. Who is the victim if someone chooses to sell something underpriced?


True. Its just another optimization.


one thought would be a form of money redistribution… i.e., you buy a card with a credit card, list it, sell it, have the money transferred to your bank

do these people not realize they are just increasing their tax bill :rofl:


Ah yes, the big brain move of not increasing your income because you will pay more in taxes.


I’ve changed my mind on this.

At first, I thought that it was annoying to have “scalpers” buy cards, send them to the vault, and then relist them for 10%-50% markup to make a quick buck. However, I’ve found myself benefiting from this recently.

As a frequent buyer of the eBay Vault, I’ve found that it:

  • Takes excellent scans of the cards, which is helpful for when the cert doesn’t populate with photos on PSA’s website
  • Reduces my wait time considerably on cards coming to me, as authenticity guarantee has already been handled
  • Results in an instantaneous transaction, no longer having to wait on the seller’s busy schedule and worrying about shipping
  • Requires no payment of sales tax if I keep the item in the vault

These benefits have changed my mind considerably about the practice of flipping via the vault. I thought that it would only benefit the seller, but I’m finding a lot of benefit on the buying side - even if I have to pay marginally higher than the originating BIN/auction.


I used to buy on PWCC ebay and immediately relist all the time

eBay Vault has a small bug right now.

If you send an offer for a vaulted item to a buyer and they accept, sometimes PayPal will disconnect from eBay. In other words, the buyer will be unable to pay for the item if their primary form of payment is through PayPal. Until this bug is patched, the only true workarounds are: 1) paying a different way (i.e., adding a credit card, Google Pay) or 2) having the seller relist the item for the best offer price and buying it outright.

Someone at eBay told me that this problem has been worsening the past week or two and they are trying to fix it ASAP, but it still hasn’t been patched.

At first, I thought that it was a string of buyers trying to get out of paying for an accepted best offer. And then it happened to me.

This is what the error looks like:


Yeah I tried to buy something off of @tidaldreams the other day from the vault and it gave me an error regardless of my address or method of payment.

No offer was involved though

yeah, you need to have a US account to be able to purchase from the vault, which is the major drawback i guess. paypal has been glitchy for a while and I don’t remember if i ever actually got it to work with vault purchases.

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does the ebay vault automatically charge buyers for auctions? Im loving the service but I have some non payers (I think) and cant tell if its just processing or not

Requiring immediate payment doesn’t regularly work for the eBay vault. :confused:


As a seller through the vault, I have indeed encountered this a few times in the past week where buyers accept an offer I sent, or we go back and fourth and eventually an offer is accepted. If they don’t have a credit card or apple pay on file with eBay, they can’t checkout. Also had a time where a buyer had to accept the eBay vaults terms and conditions (as if they were going to be a seller with it) before it would let them checkout.

At the end of the day though, getting 100% of the sale price sent to your bank account and not having to pay any shipping costs is 100% worth the minor headaches the vault currently provides.

Requiring immediate payment doesn’t regularly work for the eBay vault. :confused:

This is true only if a deal is accepted through offers. Also a known bug in their system after I talked to eBay support reps.

Are you seeing where a buyer simply clicks Buy It Now with no offers being made and they are not required to immediately pay?

I’ve had the issue with offers. I haven’t run auctions through eBay Vault and most buyers don’t use the BIN function unless I disabled the offer setting. I’ll report back if I have issues on some of my listings that are BIN without offers.

I haven’t run any auctions yet, and I doubt I ever will as this is not the sellers market to be yoloing off cards through eBay. I don’t have best offers enabled either. All offers going back and fourth are initiated by me sending the buyer an offer.

I’ve been struggling with this error also. I’m currently trying to pay for a card I made an offer on in the eBay vault. I’m Australian but have USA shipping addresses which I use for occasions like this. Some of the error messages mentioned enrolling in the eBay vault, which I don’t think is possible for me as an international based buyer.

Currently I’ve been escalated to a ‘specialist team’ within eBay.com customer service. All the previous reps I talked to had no idea. I guess I’m wondering whether it’s a bug with eBay as mentioned, or whether accounts have to be enrolled in the vault to even buy from it?

If anyone gets any further information or insights please let me know :slight_smile: