PSA 9 Unlimited Base Charizard

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to get your opinions on PSA 9 Unlimited Base Charizards.

Lately it seems that the prices for the Charizard have roughly doubled as to not too long ago (a few months?).

Maybe this has been true for more WOTC cards, but I’ve been noticing it quite clearly on the Charizard. It’s not uncommon to find sold listings around the 400 mark right now.

Do you think this is a change that’s staying?

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I sold 3 for $330 about 6 weeks ago. A good bit of requests came in at the asking price. Demand is strong for this card with such a high pop. I believe it’s here to stay.


I let go 4 psa8 charizard these last 30 days and all sold within 24hours for no less than $205

I cant imagine a 9 will ever go down to that with such consistent sales.

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This was the first PSA card I bought when I got back into the hobby late last year. I bought a PSA 9 Charizard Base Unl for $210 in October. Crazy to see it go up this fast since then.

Prime candidate to feel the hit when Pokemon inevitably sees it BICBW. High pop set card at just the right price point that it’s a quick way for people to free up some cash to pay some bills.

Sub $1,000 and especially set cards will be hit the hardest IMO.


I bough one for 300$ one month ago. I feel like that was a fair price. I bought it now cause I feel like its gonna be 500$ in a year

Sold a 9 last week for $330 and an 8 for $250.

Listed two 8s last week for $225 a piece and sold within minutes. Couldn’t believe how much they went up in price. I have 15 in limbo at PSA right now.

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Sold 4x psa 9 around March 5th for $375 each and a psa 8 for $230.

I’d sell 10 for 3900.00 and all are strong 9s because they are the best of a 50 lot,

A few just sold 470$+. Blastoise and Venusaur are both over 100$ now.
I managed all 3 for 320$ in 2018.

I might try to purchase the Japanese one soon as that’s going up fast as well but I want to see if the pandemic has any effect on prices first.

It’s the most iconic card of the hobby (IMO) and I can’t find them in ungraded, near mint/ mint condition anymore. Prices seem to follow the same trend as many other WOTC set cards. Not really suprised by the price movement to be honest.

Damn, thats a LOT faster then I tought! Glad I picked it up when I did. Guess unlimited will keep growing a lot.

I grabbed mine on February 9th for $300.00. I copped it knowing it would go up after looking at charts.

Just to put it into perspective, I won one at auction on eBay in the spring of 2014 for $60 shipped. prices are surging!

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Wow I’ve got strong demand around $400 as well… that’s a deal!

Interesting position, can you elaborate on your opinion a bit? Would like to hear more specifics on why you believe so…

@john what part needs elaborating? My take on it was laid out and I gave multiple reasons why I thought it to be true (and even stated I may be wrong).

Perhaps Charizard will prove immune to it, but I will restate. IMO set cards of high pop and moderately high value will likely be the first to see a retrace/correction/drop in price if/when this recession/depression/COVID correction worsens or lengthens. Likelt 9’s moreso than 10’s. If I lost my job, had little savings, and had some sparkly cardboard that could quickly turn into groceries, rent, mortgage payment, gas in my tank, or any other various necessities I most certainly wouldn’t sacrifice quality of life to keep them. Especially given that literally 95%+ owners of this card (and most cards) are sitting in a position of profit on whatever their cost basis was (due to being at all time highs for nearly everything).

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Thanks, your post had an educated response so I was interested in hearing more that’s all, wasn’t trying to disagree or post a rebuttal. Well stated. :blush:

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Yep, you could get these on pwcc all week in 2019 for 180-200