Value of PSA 10 Base Set 2 Charizard?

The only one that has sold recently was for $9200 but just a couple months ago it was selling just above $1k. Anyone have an idea of what’s going on? There is also a buy it now listing for $9500 available.

message the seller of the $9.2k one asking if the buyer paid; if so, that’s a pretty good benchmark to go off of

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Right good idea thanks!

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There’s also a listing for the trio in PSA 10 for $7,200 OBO.

A PSA 10 Base 2 Blastoise sold on PWCC for ~$1,300… and I’d value the Venusaur around $700, so I’d say the Charizard should be $5,000. But it’s all weird with the sporadic availability!

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The seller of the 9.2k auction was contacted shortly after the auction ended. The winning bidder did not pay.

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What’s @cinnaminhbun said. Talked about this after the sale and guessed the fair market value would be around $5k based on the sale price of the other starters as well

oh ok great, thanks for the info guys.

is base 2 charizard in PSA 10 more valuable than it’s base counterpart?

May be due to the pop:

BS = 423
BS2 = 50

that is quite the disparity. thank you for that info

Time will tell as there hasn’t been a public single sale of Base 2 Charizard for a while, and the last base Charizards went for $4,200. Neither are readily available for near these prices, except the Base 2 contained within the trio.

I sold one for 7k like a week ago. So i’d say it is accurate around the 9k mark, they just aren’t as easily attainable as the regular base unlimited.

It’s weird to say it’s worth $9K while there is one still available, in an active listing, for $7K… and that includes PSA 10 Base 2 Blastoise and Venusaur. If it was truly worth $9K, the listing would be gone, IMO.


True, hard to tell if any of these sales are real.

Gotta think the pop is so low on these because they weren’t worth too much until a few months ago? :face_with_monocle:

Possibly, but it is a WOTC Charizard. I think they will always have some kind of value.

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It doesn’t matter what set it is, if you have a mint Charizard(especially any wotc set), it’s almost an unwritten rule that you have to grade it

not to mention base 2 is notorious for print lines and other defects, just seems like a really hard to grade card

Just looked and there’s 2080 graded copies so the low pop is definitely not due to the past perceived worth lol

Compare that to the 17,000 graded in base unlimited, shadowless and 1st :blush:

Nope, always been a hard grade, 8s straight out of the pack are standard and to be expected


I personally opened 3 booster boxes back when they were cheap (got each for $400) and got 3 charizards, all were 8’s lol. I had to purchase a 10 I was disappointed.