Price check PSA 9 gold star Rayquaza

Current auction on eBay is at 4k. Does this seem legitimate?

That seems to be the question people are asking with gold star auctions atm.

I believe someone on here paid close to that for his recently

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I was the one who paid close to that. Theres also 2 seperate buy threads offering 3500 and 3500+ usd. I would guess the auction is legit due to the cards general unavailability.

I was wondering myself about psa 10 1st edition Japanese gold star ray? Has anyone heard of any sales data?


sold on virbank for 1200 last month.

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1st edition? Steal


I sold my ray for 1200 in January :roll_eyes:

I sold my PSA 10 1st ed Japanese Ray for 1200 in 2017. At the time, the English was around $6k. If the $19k sale was legit, the Japanese should have a relative value of $3000-$4000…


Last Japanese PSA 10 1st ed ray $2180. Last JP unlimited psa 10 $1162

The auction I was bidding closed at $7200.00. I had to jump high lol. There is another one for a BIN price of $7500.00. I would jump on it quick if you want it as I don’t think it will last long, even at that price. I am almost debating grabbing it and flipping it.

Decisions, decisions…”tick, tick, tick”

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Looks like it was shilled to 6.6k but at least there’s 2 real bidders at the end.

I wonder if the people bidding realize there is likely shill bidding. Or do they not care because they assume the card will 2-3x the value in a few months?

Oh yeah. It was shilled twice, it looks like. I was expecting it even.

Even then, I was willing to pay roughly $7500. I created a buy thread on here with an almost open ended price tag and no one entertained it, so I had to look else where. I would have much rather given the money to a forum member, but no one obliged. Ah well. As long as everything goes smoothly, I now have one with a high grade, finally lol.


I am a collector. The money means very little to me. I would venture to guess that 99% of my collection will probably never leave my hands. Now, if I managed to get my hands on several copy’s then yeah, I’d look to make a few bucks.

So this is a confirmed sale then? It’s a great card, congrats!

Sometimes its worth biting the bullet in these annoying circumstances. Congrats on your new card :blush:

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$7000. Goodness. Apparently I’m the moron of the decade for selling mine in April


@clubberlangx420x so you’re a collector but you have 420 in your name? I guess not all prejudices are true, good for you man. Seriously though, congrats on the card lol.

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So I sold two of these for 3850 in the past three weeks. Had one up for 8500 obo on eBay and no offers over 4K. And now this one sells for 7k+ on auction. K

Lmao. Rip


thats a tad weird maybe a little auction hype then in there somewhere, its a great card bt 7k seems steep

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