Japanese Rayquaza Gold Star + Rayquaza in General

Good Afternoon Fellow Collectors,

I will stop posting these topics soon; hopefully. However, I can’t find sales for a Japanese Rayquaza Gold Star PSA 10. There are first edition sales (around $1200); and 2 that are listed on ebay at $499 (regulars) for months that have not sold. PSA pop report is around 85 of these. People just keeping them?

Again, I am new into the Pokemon collecting scene since 2000; lots has changed and I am no longer a 10 year old kid trading away his English Base set for Japanese cards thinking they were much rarer in New York :stuck_out_tongue:. Learning everyday and really want to start a Gold Star collection going.

Charizard and Gold Stars are what I have been aiming for, but something about Rayquaza seems pretty cool… The newer Black Charizard maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate all the help over the last month or so here and look forward to learning and talking to you guys daily and continuing to collect and learn. Thanks guys, enjoy!

Rayquaza is the king of the Gold Stars in my opinion. Charizard gets everything else, we need someone else at the top of something. (I have no stake in this at all)

The Japanese Unlimited ones just aren’t that desirable. They’re the lowest tier of Rayquaza Gold Stars. Unlimited is lesser than 1st Edition is lesser than English. Most people who want to spend money on this card probably want the big dogs.

To your question, I think $400 is a decent amount to pay for a PSA 10 Unlimited.

The reason I think for this disparity is the tentativeness to invest in the lesser tier card. If a card is about $50, that’s honestly whatever. When a card gets into the $100s, most people have to consider the financial implications of purchasing that card. This is amplified when a card gets into the $1000s like the higher Rayquazas. You can be a fan and a hobbyist and really like the cards but when you drop $20k on a 1st Edition Charizard you’re hoping to retain some value going down the road. The Unlimited Rayquaza doesn’t have the same oppurtunity over English (the king) and the sleeker and easeier-to-find-mint-but-still-rarer Japanese 1st.

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Maybe @pottsinator can give you a better explanation :blush:


This is a super good explanation and advice I was looking to get. I found someone selling one for $400 and with no sales to really back it; I had no idea so I passed on it. The $400 range is pretty much my mark when it comes to buying cards at the moment. And I feel like this card basically brings a lot of “bang for the buck” - unless you guys here know I am truly sadly mistaken.

Thanks again!

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I’d value the unlimited Ray around $350-400 right now. The population is high, but that doesn’t mean there were more unlimited Rays produced than the other gold stars from comparable sets. People graded this like crazy during the gold star bubble, so there really aren’t any mint copies available anymore. You’re right, most people that own these are not selling which can mean many things, I personally think its because the value hasn’t reached a high enough point where people would consider selling it. Rayquaza is the gold star king right now, and recent sale prices on English copies are driving up the price. I don’t know where the value of unlimited Ray will end up but I would not be surprised if it was at $600-650 in a year.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone here who would bet against any type of Rayquaza gold star :wink:

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I agree but I feel like I should clarify what I was saying: Rayquaza is still a better bet than something like Regice or Metagross. The thing about those cards is that the English, 1st Ed, and Unlimited are close, probably all under a few hundred dollars. Rayquaza English PSA 10 is $3.5k+, 9 is $800+, JP 1st is $1200+, and JP Unlimited is JP $400+. I don’t doubt that Unlimited would be a good card to buy, it’s just reliant on its more expensive counterparts. They would be the first to go up. I know you weren’t talking to me directly but I thought I should clarify.


Ive seen two on instagram for 250-300 recently and I would have scoped them up immediately if i wasn’t broke lol!

I would value them at 300-375 right now, and they will only rise (slowly but surely)

great choice on the goal though! :wink:


Rayquaza himself speaks. Thanks man!

Fourthstar, thank you as well!

Miracle, thank you three! :grin:


Not to hijack this thread, but since we are talking about Gold Star Rayquaza… :blush:

Anyone have any thoughts on the growth potential for the English Gold Star Rayquaza PSA 9 and 10?

PSA 9: Current prices hovering around $850-900. Could be had for $650-700 relatively easily just ~3 months ago.

PSA 10: :thinking: Last PSA 10 on eBay sold for around $3.2k I think? I have to believe $3K is the absolute floor right now seeing as how I just graded my first PSA 10 GS Ray and have received multiple ~$3K+ offers already. Is $4-4.5K in the realm of possibility before year’s end?

It’s insane to see the growth of this card especially relative to Gold Star Charizard, which is quite a bit behind in terms of max price when comparing English PSA 10s (though Charizard has a pop of 43 vs Rayquaza’s 26).

I won an unlimited PSA 9 Ray Gold Star on eBay for $200 year ago… That probably doesn’t help much though. I think $400 is on point for the unlimited PSA 10