$4600 PSA 10 Charizard Gold Star

Title says it all…Zard gold star at auction just ended at $3650.


It was a private listing which raises shill bidding eyebrows but the seller looks fairly reputable and I haven’t heard anything bad about them. IIRC this overtakes Rayquaza as the highest sale price for an English PSA 10 gold star?

Thoughts on this price jump?

EDIT: 11/1/17 sold for $4600

My thoughts are that you are probably happy :wink:


My thoughts are: my first graded Gold Star PSA 10 Rayquaza is now not going to hit eBay for anything less than $5K… :stuck_out_tongue:

Private bidding listings irk me due to the aforementioned potential for shill bidding, especially if the seller may already have had private buyers with set prices to buy this card at in case eBay didn’t come through…

I’d need to see a few sales at around this mark before I proclaim this price as being the new-norm, though. I know most of the handful of other Gold Star PSA 10 collectors out there that are chasing a complete set and most of them bought a Charizard PSA 10 as a very early investment to get it out of the way, so I can’t imagine there being that many buyers that would choose to drop this kind of cash for this particular card over some other fantastic choices in that price bracket.

But then again…the Gold Star market has been particularly crazy in 2017. :blush:


Do you think that’ll have any affect on the Jpn version?


Hope for the best and wait for the worst. :laughing:

There could be some increase from regular ~$1300 valuation but not too much imo. English version has dominated this market for a while even when japanese 1st ed. were selling for more couple years back.

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Congratulations to @thecardguyz on making 3000 dollars out of me in under a year.


I wish… I actually had to sell it 6 months ago or so to afford a few other cards. Regrets…

Let us drink our sorrows away together.

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Expected for a Charizard in this condition. The rayquaza star has a market of its own. It’s value does not depend on the value of the Charizard so this spike means nothing to the rayquaza. Of course I do believe the rayquaza gold star to be the first non-WOTC card to break the $10k barrier unless more PSA 10 copies pop up. The rayquaza’s value hinges significantly on its low population whereby the charizard’s value is dictated by popularity.

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I can’t wait until some of the PSA 9 versions of these cards (Gold Stars) start selling at $1000. Espeon and Ray are pretty close and umbreon and zard aren’t too far behind.

me watching this auction


I would say Charizard and Ray are closest to the 4 figure zone if not already and umbreon and espeon lag behind.

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don’t think so. the base set Zard has rose like crazy but yet the JP base Zard has not really changed

I think most sought after Base now is NO RARITY Zard. I had one a few years back that was in horrible condition and got like $50 nearly 2 years back. PSA 9 example of this card recently sold for 2k. I guess once more collectors generally start knowing about its existence might push the price. More and more people are getting into the hobby. PSA 10 JPN Base Zard seems to be stable at about $350-$500.

Does anyone of you think that Charizard will brake 5000$ in one year?

Glad i picked up a gem mint copy ungraded for 500 recentish off that dude who gold stars the gold stars.

The price is nuts on these gold stars.

evident that it shall continue going up. :nerd_face:

Ive always said the gold stars will be huge. Garinson doesnt like them though xD But i tolllld you sir.

Cant beat dat ray and charz artwork.

DUN DUN DUN. IS IT A BIRD, IS it a common unlimited base set caterpie!! is it oc… DID it get a 10. Is it a 10 already? Is it even real? FInd out on the next episode of dragonball z

Scr** You @fourthstartcg I missed the one you got for 150 on auction with dark photos. FML. So i did one better and paid more :nerd_face:

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wow, so this just happened
PSA 10 sold for 4600 USD


One day to be right LOL

Smh I sure regret not buying this sooner, had the chance too… oh well

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I regret selling one a few months ago lol SMH