Gold star master sets

So I went to ebay this morning and saw something quite extraordinary:

Complete gold star sets as english and japanese versions, wow. Any thoughts will there be any serious buyer canditates for these ? :blush:

Just saw those a few minutes ago as well. I initially thought the Japanese 1st edition lot would be more expensive than the English.

Gold stars are very popular right now but I wonder how they will fair long term when more copies are graded.

I’ve sold a lot of English Gold Stars. Many in PSA 9 and 10. I think many of you would be surprised just how much they can go for.

That being said, the sets not worth a hundred grand. And the video he made is kind of annoying. This is a really cool achievement. It’s not historic by any means, though.

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Trust ebirdman to have stuff like the 1st Ed Japanese Lot.

No way in hell the English Gold Star lot is going to sell for 100k, but imo the seller isn’t going to expect it too anyway.

I bought a few items from this guy. He’s awesome, gave me a few deals on Gyarados items. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be unreasonable with certain offers. The high price is most likely there to scare off non-serious buyers.

Yeah I have dealt with him once before as well, if every seller was as good as him the world would be a good place for card collectors.

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I felt the exact same way. It is great to enjoy being the first to achieve this, but as a whole, people just started grading gold star cards. They are definitely some of the coolest cards released in a set, but with thousands of copies of each card printed, it is hardly historic.

That point about pricing items high is spot on! Since ebay is not strict about buyers hitting “buy it now” without paying, the high price helps discourage that annoyance.

Ed has been selling a long time. It is usually worth paying a bit extra for the continuity of a stand up seller.

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Absolutely right Scott. I often pay a premium to an established and reputable seller just because they deserve it…have earned it. That’s probably why I’m never disappointed.
Too many younger collectors simply search by cheapest price first then make lowball offers through eBay messages. I’ve seen this before and it can seriously hurt the hobby.

Setting the price that high to scare away buyers hit the nail on the head. The set won’t be historic for long since I am pretty close to finishing it myself. I am 23/27 and pulled a pack fresh espeon that looks like it’ll get a 10 and if it doesn’t I’ve got 300 more packs that’ll yield at least one. Now If only I can get my hands on that Latias.

The gold stars hve been going up a lot in price lately and the boxes have been reflecting that as well. it sucks that the market’s being flooded (I am partly to blame since I got so many 9’s and 10s while trying to complete my gold star set), but more people are interested in doing psa grading themselves. These people get the cards and sell them right away for high prices they are being offered. They rinse and repeat bringing in more PSA 9s and 10s to the market.

It’s also nice though to sell to people who are actually collecting these cards and not just tyring to resell like I learned from some of the people I sold cards to last time. Namely slayer 2142 and Rhea86 on ebay. I’m all for making money, but don’t buy cards that are already reasonably price just to raise the price even more making it harder for true collectors to get their hands on it.

Sorry for the rant. I had coffee and pre workout ahah. I’m curious what are poeoples opnions on those resellers vs original sources like myself, smpratte, PSA who find the cards, do the work, and sell them. Other opinions are always welcome.

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There are a variety of pokemon sellers out there. Typically the people who are re-re-reselling come and go. Since the beginning of the hobby there have always been bandwagon sellers trying to make a quick buck. Most of them try to mimic more established sellers. In my experience, I notice a similar pattern of a typically younger person who really does not care about the hobby at all, but reaps the knowledge and benefits from the people who do; essentially a parasite.

The best sellers are ones that collect or at least have some sort of value in the hobby outside of monetary gain. They are usually the most pleasant, reasonable and well rounded. Jimmy Hume aka thecardcollectoruk is a perfect example.

Gold Stars are probably going to continue to saturate in the near future. If you look at the pop report for Gold stars they are still relatively low. It is not easy to get a 10 on most of the ungraded cards circulating, but with thousands produced, it is only a matter of time. With that said, pretty much everyone wants a gold star card. The illustrations are unique and all done by the same illustrator.


These “parasites” are annoying. It’s funny seeing them buy stuff for whatever price like your rev holo PSA 10 Charizard and then they can’t resell it or sell it below or at the cost. They sit on a card and that could go to someone elses collection. Hopefully they go because while I do take a small hit on my sales not selling to them even at BIN price I’d rather wait for a collector to come along and give me a decent offer.

Smpratte do you know who has the english PSA 10 Latias besides Gold Star with his complete collection?

Hopefully over the next year or two I can do well with my sales where I can break even or make a small amount so I never have to sell my collection. There’s always a price where you’d sell your stuff, but hopefully I can complete my collection leave it in “One Piece.”

hopefully someone gets taht reference.

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