Gold Star Rayquaza PSA 10 - Sold for $6,000 USD

Since i’ve been getting hit up on eBay and IG a lot about the PSA 10 GS Rayquaza I had up for sale, I decided to post the outcome of it here and confirm that it has been sold for $6,000 USD (the buyer is also on IG and is an EFour member but i’ll let them reveal themselves at their own discretion; I did get permission to share the sold price though).

I had the listing up for about two weeks on eBay and received 5 offers, 2x of which were $5K+, with a ton of other inquiries from international (mainly EU-based) buyers. I also received 4x offers on IG: $3,000, $4,700 and two @ $5,000 flat. There’s definitely not a shortage of people willing to pay a heavy premium for a PSA 10 GS Rayquaza right now.

This goes down as the most expensive Gold Star card ever sold, I think, and puts Rayquaza back in its place as the King of Gold Star cards over GS Charizard… :blush:


I’m very happy to hear!

But honestly, that’s a bit rediculous.


Lol…it’s only going to get more ridiculous from here on out. I’d love to revisit this thread in 6 months. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha now let’s see what the pwccc Auction one will go for in a few weeks :blush:

makes me wish I waited until this coming year to sell. :joy::sob::sob::sob:


ill admit that I am the buyer, and I have my own assertions on how the value will be affected over time. I was willing to pay such a premium due to the fact that, according to Jayce, who has collected PSA 10 Gold Stars and had 50+ gem mints go through his hands, that this was the cleanest one he had seen to date, and likely one of the cleanest possible EX Deoxys GSs to acquire. If anyone has another PSA 10 Ray GS, I’d love to see for comparison, but ive yet to see a nicer 10 from others collections and listings lol.

Now, that might make this sale a bit of an outlier, but since other offers were around 5.5k, its not too far off from standard market value, based on numerous offers. Based on that, and the fact that Gold Star value has been correlated with Base Set sales to an extent, one can only assume that the value will continue to grow exponentially and accordingly. While it can’t be compared to Base Set Charizards ludicrous growth in value, the fact that Rays value has skyrocketed past Charizard GS just solidifies the notion about its value


If I didn’t just buy a fixer-upper for my first house and needed renovation funds…i’d be holding onto this card for at least another year…but I don’t need two PSA 10 GS Rays, LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Care to show some pics? :blush:

I don’t have a mint version of this card but I’m still happy to see these prices. One of my favorite cards :blush:

He doesn’t have it in his hands yet and I just got the new iPhone yesterday since I was due for an upgrade and don’t have the pics I took that I sent him, but here was the eBay listing:

I’ve not seen an EX Deoxys Gold Star card with as clean of a back as this one, and i’ve had plenty come through my hands. My other PSA 10 GS Ray has a worse back (corner ding is much more pronounced), but slightly better centering. The one bought by megacon is a solid 10.

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Congrats @megacon.

The card looks beautiful. It’s slighlty off center from bottom/top which seems very common for cards of that gen, but other than that it’s very solid 10. You just set the new standard for this card. Now just sit and watch the pwcc copy go for $7k+. :grin:


yeah, top/bottom seems slightly better for the other one, left/right is better for mine, back centering and corners are better for mine. Most solid 10 ive seen! Haha

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absolutely agreed

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imagine torchic now…


Gyarados sold on eBay recently for I think 2k looks like there’s a bit of a gold rush on our hands

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6K dollars?!? Call the shillbid police!!1!!

( Obvious sarcasm but standard IG mentality :wink: )


Oh no…I don’t want to imagine Torchic now and its PSA 10 pop 8…lol. What an absolute nightmare that card would be to acquire now… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was lucky enough to pick up a PSA 10 GS Gary about 6 weeks ago for $900. An absolute “steal” given what I could turn around and sell it for today.

What we’re seeing is a renewed awakening of sorts to the fact that PSA 10 Gold Stars are so few and far between for certain cards that anyone looking to complete a PSA 10 set of all 27 cards (or get as close as possible) is raising the price of basically every other GS as a whole; every PSA 10 that’s selling is setting a new high for that particular card, thus raising the overall plateau for all PSA 10 Gold Stars…

I’ve been talking to Robbie about this over IG, and given how hard it would be to get some of the PSA 10 GS that i’m personally missing (Mew, Latias, Latios, Torchic in particular) I may end up being stuck on 22-23/27 PSA 10 Gold Stars…and even then, if I listed I all 22-23 for sale at once I could fetch a ridiculous amount for them.

It’s absolutely crazy to me that I have the most expensive/popular PSA 10 Gold Stars out of the way (Ray/'zard) and STILL have only a small chance of completing a PSA 10 set just because there are other equally/more rare-but-less-popular Gold Stars out there that are near impossible to get without moving heaven and earth… :open_mouth:

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I’m surprised it actually sold for that much.

They’ve all steadily been selling sold $1000 ish or less.

But that one auction that says it sold for $2,600 has everyone going crazy.

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How do you know what will be sold on pwcc? just curious!