PSA 10 Japanese 1st Ed Gold Star Rayquaza & Charizard

Anyone have an educated idea of the current market value of these two?

I guess a bit less than £1k for the Zard just to sell. This Zard price barely goes up or down (I remember it being listed at £1k+ a few years ago) and barely sells at such price on ebay. But Rayquaza is different, so £1.1~1.5+?


Well, one Zard has just been sold for £1.1k ($1,471) on eBay UK today. Considering it’s Xmas, it makes sense, but there’s another one for $1,400 (a bit less priced) available in France. These two cards have both similar centerings.

However, this french seller has no seller feedbacks (he’s sold other PSA 10 cards recently, but no feedbacks recieved yet thus far)

That Rayquaza is still on auction but I think it’ll suprass the 1.1k price as well.


Zard = £1~1.2k
Rayquaza = £1.1~1.5k+

Unsure if these prices (especially the Zard) will raise next year though, but who knows…

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I sold my ray 1 1/2 months ago for £1k. Don’t know if that helps…

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The market is currently saturated. I remember selling both cards for almost double the prices mentioned, when only 0-2 were available on ebay.


The ray auction has just been sold for £920.00 ($1230) now.
I was expecting it to pass the 1.1k mark because it’s more popular than the Zard/Mew and considering the completed sales of english Ray.

I think we can see that an appreciation in ENG cards does not equal an appreciation in JP cards. There are so many examples of this. JP base anything (except maybe Charizard), JP shinings, JP crystals, JP gold stars. A few even dropped in value or stayed the same for a year!

I saw an old IG sales post for a JP 1st ed Ray GS and an ENG Ray GS. Both PSA 10s. The ask price for the JP was $1500 while the ask price for the ENG was $1300. I think this was a year+ ago. Well, look at them now.


That seller is me. :wink: I’m embarrassed at what offer I turned down on the Rayquaza from the same buyer, I should have sold that too but I was too greedy and then the buyer changed his mind on that one.

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English set cards will always be more expensive they have a much higher demand. I think the mew’s price has suffered a bit possibly because the pop has literally quadrupled from the long standing pop of 3 from last year or the year before.

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There are some caveats with the japanese GS cards. Sure in general they are easier grades. However, a few have centering issues, charizard included.

The market for sets will always be english first, for demand and condition difficulty.

As for the OP, this is the largest supply I have experienced for psa 10 jp charizards. Great example of how flippers effect price elasticity.


On the flip side, I think some low end PSA 10 Japanese GS are only at $100, which should already attract some more people to collect them, as a cheap alternative.

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I know a JP ray 1st ed gold sta for sale for 1500 pound… overpriced imo

Japanese GS as a cheaper alternative set is absolute truth until Espeon/Umbreon comes into picture XD

But back to topic, yes there’s just too many listings on ebay over the past few months for the zard and ray but that’s great news for collectors as well :blush:


The Japanese GS cards look more appealing. Silver borders, darker backgrounds, cryptic text on the cards, and they match with the newest PSA slab as well (dat middle silver PSA logo.) It’s like an “ancient” set to me. Although, like what smpratte said, there are centering issues, like the Zard for example, which may make it cringy for centerings lovers out there like me, but some Zards out there that actually have very good/acceptable centerings. I’m still looking for one!

On the other hand, the English GS cards. Whilst they’re more popular but their yellow borders put me off - they just don’t match the overall look. A huge deal breaker for me.

Just my opinion.