Gold Star Rayquaza Charizard Eng & JP, PSA 9/10

Hi all,

Just curious to see what are the prices for:

PSA 9 & 10 JP Ray goldstar
PSA 9 & 10 JP Charizard goldstar
PSA 9 & 10 Eng Ray goldstar

PSA 9 & 10 Eng Charizard goldstar

Appreciate the help!

The JP unlimited ray has gone up a bit recently. I think ive seen sold listings for as high as 300. The 1st edition one is way more. I’d guess as low as 1100 or 1200. But I’m not sure.
There was a 1st edition JP zard up recently for around 1100 I think, so a fair price is probably a bit below that. Maybe 900. 950.

Half guesswork here.