Quick Price Check on GS Charizard JP PSA 10

Sup E4,
I didnt see on Pokemon Price analytics for Japanese but I could be blind. I think the price of this card is all over the place, can I get any analytics on the Gold Star Charizard (Japanese) PSA 10? Thank you!

The price is indeed all over the place… but if you remove the couple of outliers, the card has been steadily selling for $800-1000, so I’d say somewhere around $900 is a fair price for both parties.

Cool man, thank you.

It also depends if it’s 1st Edition or unlimited. Unlimited is usually cheaper when it comes to Japanese Gold Stars


Continuing what Xzini said.

In this case the 1stED and UED, are some what similar in price. I’ve seen 1stED come down as low as $800 to a high of $1500, where I’ve seen UED go anywhere from $750 - $1250. 1stED brings in a solid price due to the stamp, where UED has a low pop report.

Both are annoyingly difficult to grade for various reasons. Either way, if you have $1000 to spend, I think you could find the right seller for either or.


Okay thanks, I forgot to mention the edition, which is 1st