Shining charizard 1st Ed psa 10 value?

just curious of the value of this card. Bought one recently and want to know if it was a decent deal. Thanks :blush:

Congratulations on your buy! The Gold Star Charizard is comparable and it has gone for $750USD and $970USD recently in PSA 10, so it could be worth that much. That would by no means be a definite value, but I think it’s in the same ballpark. According to PSA’s pop report there are a total of 36 Grade 10 1st Edition Shining Charizards and only 24 grade 10 Gold star Charizards, so it could be slightly lower.

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I think that was buy-it-now, wasn’t it? I beleive an auction would more accurately represent the value of it. I couldn’t find a recent one, however.

Thanks! :blush: I got a decent deal then.

How much would a PSA 9 version go for? I’m thinking around $300. Would you agree?

I sold a PSA 9 1st ed Shining Charizard for $450 or 475 awhile back. it’s funny because at the time
there was a person on ebay with 6 of the for sale at $360 yet mine sold for over $100 more.

I sold three unlimited 9s for $180, $200 and $229. You should expect at least that for a 1st edition.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’ll expect about $250 min then for when I come to trade/sell it.

I bought one for $800 around Oct/Nov. My price point was $750, but there were a few months that the prices stayed high (and were selling high). I had $225 trade value with the guy from previous cards, so only $575 went out the door. It was a solid price, but fair.