PSA 10 japanese shining charizard, whats it worth?

Hi guys, new to these forums so apologise if I have made any serious mistakes, just got my shining charizard psa 10 back (japanese) and im wondering what its worth? seems rather hard to gather a good idea from ebay.

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I’m not too much of an expert on these types of cards, but I’ll try my best to help you. Here are some data that may be relevant to you:

  1. There’s only 26 PSA 10s, so solely using ebay will be difficult to judge a “market price” on your card. There’s one listed on ebay right now for $2400 AUD, but that’s just a listing price for reference.

  2. A PSA 9 copy was sold recently for 550$ USD, population of 45.

  3. A PSA 8 copy was sold for $167 USD, population of 15.

  4. A PWCC PSA 9 listing is on ebay right now, you can check out the final auction price to see what’s a current market price of a PSA 9 is worth, and obviously charge a much higher premium for a PSA 10:

  5. PSA 10 unlimited shining charizards are going for 800$ USD previously, mind you there’s a population of 128.

My advice is to keep tracking PSA 9 japanese shining charizards, PSA 10 english 1st edition shining charizards/unlimited charizards to see what is the current market movement for your card. My guess is it would be higher than the $800 USD range, at around $800-$1000. That’s my guesstimate though.

Good luck!

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1k is my best guess.

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I think it’s worth $1500+

a few rough ideas