Japanese Gold Star Pricing

Ive seen a lot of Japanese gold stars PSA 10s for very cheap compared to their English counterparts. Why is that?
For example a Rayquaza PSA 10 for $170, and auction for $150 (non 1st edition)

(if this is noob question I’m sorry haha)

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Unlimited gold star Rayquaza is fairly common as graded, 36 copies in total and 34 of them are psa 10. Hope this helps. :blush:

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Thank you :blush:

I sold a trio Rayquaza/Latias/Latios Unlimited Japanaese Gold Stars (All Unlimited) for 425 dollars about 6 months ago, if that helps.

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So is there a big difference between 1ED Japanese Gold Stars and Non-1ED?

Like if I were to sell a 1ED JP. Gold Star Raikou compared to a non1ED JP. Gold Star Raikou, what would the price listing difference be?

Pretty spot on IMO. It is difficult to find gem mint examples of Unlimited JPN Gold Stars. Not that finding 1ED cards is easy either, it just seems that the more desirable 1ED cards crop up for sale more often.

Hmmm… pretty interesting. Do you think this is because the 1ED seemed more desirable so the PSA collectors grabbed those up, and didn’t pay as much attention to the unlimited counterparts?

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Of course! But also I believe Unlimited is genuinely more rare in a *few* instances (possibly PCG 1)…

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Oh yeah, and like others have told me and that I’m sure you know - the Chinese and Korean unlimited Base Set cards are harder to find than the 1ED. Cool stuff! The adverse effects like that just make the hobby more and more interesting (: