HI EVERYONE! I am going to go insain. Everytime I try to post psa cards for a cheaper option i get assaulted and ridculed at the post office.

Someone told me you can ship bubble mailed PSA Card with tracking for 10 Bucks… I go in there, I try to ship in letter, and you cant add tracking… So I take the 2 psa bubble mail Cards out and I pass them the bubble mailer, and they said its not a letter sao You haveto claim it with 3 options… Registered, PaCK AND TRACK, or international courier…

HERES THE THING!!! It cost 21.40aud for registered, up to 36 for pack and track… and guess what… They dont even track it end to end… Its limited tracking within austrtalia!! AND they only track it once its delivered -.- and someone signs.

Only way to get end to end tracking is with internation courier, and that is 45 -58 dorra because its exspress -.-

This is so crap… You can send cards from u.s for like 10 bucks tracked end to end… I have tried everything, and nothing works for me… He friggen took @fourthstartcg freakin psa card out of the bubble mailer the asstank, and pressed through the bubble mailer to inspect.

I have no idea what people are talking about in australia they send psa cards for 10 bucks with tracking… Because theres no way you can send through aus post unless you do the three options i mentioned… If someone has different ways… and god knows how… can i please send all my 24 Old school ex to them in australia and then they can send everything for me, because I wrote 10USD on all my auctions because someone told me they send for 10usd with tracking… and now Im absoultely stuffed, and im going to lose a bunch of money, like I always do on shipping. Who from australia here can help me, and let me send all my stuff so they can send for me with there magical way, or is near a fed ex or something… @milhouse @ozenigma

I cant sellanything or start my epic selling of cardlings to people because no one buy from me cause shipping, I have no chance, unless i start sending without tracking or without registered or something… Not like it gets tracked outside australia anyway, unless upgraded to internation courier:

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I have the same problem when it comes to shipping overseas mate. $21 is the minimum… It is very frustrating.

I’ve only just got back from the post office this arvo and it cost me $21 for the pack and track option. I’d love to know how other people ship them. Very expensive to buy / sell anything to and from Australia :slightly_frowning_face:.

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Cheapest way to send to USA/Canada with full tracking is pack and track @ $21.10. UK is $25.10, Belgium $27.10 and countries like Greece do not have pack and track option at all

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Next best method is C5 size Express letter @ $15.90, which has limited tracking I think i.e. Drop off → In Transit → Delivered

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Here is an explanation so you don’t get caught out in the future.

A ‘Letter’ counts as the following for an International destination:

  1. Under 2cm in thickness, anything over and it stops being an International Letter
  2. Under 50g in weight, anything over and it stops being an International Letter

You CAN send 1 PSA card only whilst meeting these 2 conditions, the trade off is that the card will be woefully unprotected in most circumstances and your chances of damage occuring are increased.

The reality is that you cannot have Tracking whilst having the item as a ‘Letter’, the Registered Post Pre-Paid Letter Envelope allows up to 500g of weight instead of 50, but it’s still un-Tracked but does offer Signature on Delivery. (I am unsure if the 2cm limit still applies but I am assuming it does).

TL;DR: Stop trying to find a way to send an International Letter through Auspost with Tracking, you can’t do it.

Instead you should just use the Pack and Track package option. It costs 21.10(For US/Canada) up to 500g and has Tracking on it. It is 100% worth the spending of your customer to use this option because you can use your own packaging and there is plenty of room to use bubble wrap and other packaging materials. I charge a flat rate of 19.95 for my postage to International buyers, if they are in a region like Europe and it ends up being 27 dollars instead of 21.10 I just eat the extra cost myself.

When I send 1-5 PSA cards to somebody I bubble wrap them up and then buy one of the larger Auspost Bubble Mailers and put it inside, then I buy the Pack and Track option and fill out the form. If I am sending more I buy a small postaeg box from Officeworks and do the same.

TL;DR: It’s worth charging your customer extra for a better service, I have been doing it for the last 3 years and never had s lost package or claim of non-arrival.

PS: When someone tells you something like ‘YOU CAN SEND IT TRACKED FOR 10 BUCKS JUST BELIEVE ME’, actually go and research it yourself so you don’t make a mistake. If it’s too good to be true then it usually is.

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I asked them, pack and track is only within australia :confused: tracking stops once its out of country.

That’s not true from memory. I’ve had updates from pack and track international.

Plus, if shipping to the US, they scan things like crazy!!


thats not what they told me… They said that its limited. and then they went and got both the things… and said only way you have tracking end to end is with this - espress courier international…

Thats what i was thinkin, whats the point of that barcode thing if they dont update it at each place.

I have only very very rarely had someone complain about my postage prices, and when I show them the options I have then they drop it. Also I wasn’t accusing you of trying to be cheap or whatever, I just thought you wanted an explanation of how it works so I explained.

Pack and Track International is an International service and it is tracked all the way. It’s just Auspost are shit and they don’t track all the way on THEIR website. You put in a Pack and Track code into the USPS site if it’s going to USA and you will get a lot of updates on it’s location.

The people at your post office are poorly trained.


Yeah i thought you were making me out to be a cheap person who doesnt care about peoples packaging.

Also its true there tracking system and poorly trained… This is really bad because I could have sent fourstars cards as pack and track instead of international registered dam it. Another thing, why did they say pack and track was 36AUD.

Yeah sorry that it seemed that way, I was just trying to emphasize why Pack and Track is better than trying to find a Letter option with Tracking.

36AUD is the price for 500g-1kg, so your package must have been over 500g.


I dont always ship large amounts of graded Pokemon cards however when I do, I make that shit waterproof! just ask B Boy @ozenigma


its cool :wink:

All this information has been extremely helpful. I can get things right now. I need to use pack and track. Makes sense.

I just feel when im talking to you millhouse as if i did something wrong or am not good enough, or im evil or some crap, and have to proove everything. Dont mind me though.

you should ahve seen how i sent like 7k usd worht of psa cards to someone recently… I pu all into bubble mailers then a box within another box and then i sealed the box with an entire roll of sticky tape. amek sure noone opens thaT SHIT. I dont want stupid customs people looking at all the crap and then putting it back into the box and doing a crap job of sealing said box. I cant believe some stuff has arrived in the past wih like 2 piece of tape to seal the box -.-

I actually spent like the extra amount when it comes to real exspensive stuff like over 300 or something bucks, i use exspress courier international which is tyh most reliable tingz.

I think my stuff was worth heaps that i sold, but i sold for vbery good price because i needed the money. If i had of waited a bit longer i could have saved way more… But i did the drastic things.

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Fear not my fellow collector @pokemonsyndicate You did what any good man would do for the prosperity and betterment of one’s Pokemon card Collection!

“For Pokemon Card and Country” as I always say!



Since we are in a sharing mood.

I don’t think you are not good enough, evil, or that you need to prove something to me at all.

There are parts of your personality, and the actions you take that are infuriating. But on the other hand there are parts of your personality that I appreciate immensely.

If it seems like I reply to you are explain things to you in a way that makes it seem that way them it is in response to the way you portray yourself on this forum, and the version of yourself that you show us. You show us that you operate almost exclusively on desire and impulse and never consider something logically or patiently at all.

Because you almost take delight in telling us all that you don’t do either of the latter then when I am replying to you are explaining something to you then I am going to be over explain in depth in a way that I think will make you get what I am trying to explain. If you don’t want me to do that anymore and it offends you then I will stop.

But I don’t do any of this out of malice. Like I mentioned earlier there are things about you I dislike but there are just as many things that I do like. You are a part of this forum and I am going to do the best I can to be a helpful and positive influence on you because you are a part of our group and I have made the assumption that you often need that helping hand in understanding things or thinking about things from a different perspective. That may seem quite presumptuous as well, but I think that we could all use some improving and I think I am correct in making that assumption in your case.

I am sure there are people who could do paragraphs on me about my faults and the things that I do wrong as well. I don’t butt into peoples business often, but when I do I usually end up feeling like shit about it even if I think I was at least partially right, because at the end of the day it was still none of my business to begin with.

“Sticky Tape” :thinking::thinking:?
Will one of my Aussie brothers please throw Pokesyn into a pool of Box Jellyfish? Thank you!


House@ you forgot to mention he also uses tape as part of his inner packing material regiment. That is enough by itself to deserve a nighttime visit by a family of Eastern Brown snakes.

I like people to know my business and I appreciate all the advice and discussing all the things with them. I do need help with lots of things. I just feel like there was passive aggresiveness towards me from you all the time, and you hate me because I have tried to get advice and talk to you and be your friend… But I suppose that is that infuriated part, and not that you hate me.
I can’t change who i am though, I will always do things like a crazy person, I think it is better to be abnormal and do the exact opposite of what your ment to do because thats just how i operate, and I try to do the other thing but it never works out for me so I don’t have the patients anymore to follow orders and be ruled by some body else, whether it be ay work, or accepting something that gets you no where time after time. I like sharing everything with everyone here, and making friends with everyone, and sometimes i get the wrong impression of people like with you, so I was just discussing this with someone about you, and what you say to me because I was angry and didnt understand why. But now I do. I have told a fair you people that you hate me and dont want me on this forum, and I guess i was wrong about that. I have been treeted like shit my whole life, so I dont know who to trust now… but I try to make friends with everyone and have fun.

our boxes arnt like USPS boxes, you have to sticky tape them shut. If you mailed your psa cards in a box with out the seal on them, they wont get very far :confused:

i ahve seen your USPS boxes, they have that glue sticky stuff on them and seal automatically.
The tape on the outside box is not going to get on the psa cards, that are inside a bubble mailer/ then inside that said box.
I don’t understand your fear of sticky tape my furry little friend. You need to seal the box shut, always how can you mail the cards within it? Mail it with the box open?

One day im going to mail you a mountain of sticky tape, and then im gonna fly up to us and use said sticky tape to sticky tape your entire house shut, and then Ill mail your house to my because your house is full of psa cards, and in my eyes this is only way to securely mail all dem cards :ninja: