Changes to Australia Post Letter Prices (4th Jan 2016)

Domestic Letters:
$0.70 → $1.00 (slower than current speed) 3-7 business days

“Priority” Letter:
$0.70 → $1.50 (current speed) 1-4 business days

Large Letters:

under 125g
$1.40 now $2

125g - 250g
$2.10 now $3

$3.50 now $5

Yup. Saw these changes in a pamphlet the other day. Classic Auspost raising prices instead of improving their horrible inefficiency.


Not sure if international letter prices are increasing I guess we will find out soon…

When exactly is this taking place?
Unbelieveable to think they haavn’t really gone hard at getting some big players in to fix it.

Forgot to put it in original post, 4th of Jan so not that long!

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Jesus… just gonna have to start charging more post, which really sucks

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So guys if I were to list 1,000 Singles that are japanese old school ex and black and white and stuff … If I made the letter reaal light, mean I dont have to charge that insain 14US which is 22 aud registered mail. Would you put the card between cardfboard or something? I c ant believe its like 2 bucks thats opretty cool… Does it have MC Tracking number?

So many Gem miinty lemony fresh goodness I have lots of.

The above prices are just for Australia

You can send a card to the US for $2.55AUD untracked, the next best option is $14AUD which is ‘registered’ but not really as all does is signature on delivery but has a ‘tracking number’

Also for $2.55AUD it needs to be under 50g and thin (5mmish)

Whats the best one I can do so I can start doing this?

Maybe toploader in a couple sheets of paper/cardboard? if you want to send multiple cards you will need to look into the weight more closely

I suppose I go - 125g - 250g
$2.10 now $3

and I use really tiny envelope.

Up to you $2.55 shipping puts you at the mercy of the buyer if they are an a-hole and say they never received it, but is cheap and you can be competitive.
$14AUD the item will be signed at delivery so less chance for a-holes, but obviously more expensive. Also this method is for ‘papers/non valuables only’ i.e. no customs

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For local just send it in the $1 or $1.50 small envelope, tracking is like an extra $4

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I don’t really understand these relatively significant price hikes. With online shopping and deliveries at an all time high, wouldn’t profits follow suit?

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just found out that a couple months back a new law came in forcing everyone selling a house to get an identity check which costs 40 dollars and is nothing more than checking your credentials and witnessing a signature. Guess where you have to go to get it done?
Yep you guessed it, greedy australia post.

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my first sour grapes; So this year Aus post increased the amount we pay to post, and has for the first time damaged an item ive posted! theyre charging more for a worst service!

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Dang, not surprised which is sad. Nothing too valuable I hope? Also I have found that the ‘slower’ service is actually not much different to normal so those priority stamps are a waste IMO

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@snap Now another one :slightly_frowning_face: I cringe everytime I am at the post office and someone is applying for passport - $250

There was an article on about a month and a half ago about passport costs. Surprise surprise Australia was right up there with how much they charge, I think it came second highest.

Edit: found the link;


Also I think I am going to move to Chicago costs $30 every 4 years to renew your drivers license, cost me $160 for 5 years just recently. Also for those inclined a Learners permit costs around $160 for three years then you have to pay for a real license. Also if you lose your license don’t worry it will only cost $70 to replace.