Shipping Costs

Looking to send a couple raw cards to the UK from Australia using tracking, looked up the calculator - the cheapest even if you sprinkle magic powder to make it weigh one gram will cost $25.20.

A normal letter under 50g is $2.75 and if you want tracking on that letter add $22.45 lol



Auspost is in desperate need of competition or privatization. They have no need to offer cheaper service.

Cheapest tracking option to USA is 21.10 for 0 to 500g. Pretty disgusting.

Worst part is Auspost lost about 600m last year, their inefficiency kills them.


Would I be ignorant to say that this is good? If they lose enough money they will be forced to adapt or disappear right?

Yea I won an epson v37 scanner the other day on ebay for 25 or so aud, free shopping, when I got the package I saw the poor guy had paid 95aud in shipping for it!

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Ausposts reaction to losses in the past has been to increase prices. Because losses clearly mean their services are too cheap.

Wow. I would love if my wife had free shopping. :grin:

Why are you shipping to the UK @shizzlemetimbers? A sale?

Yeah trying to capitalize on the conversion rate at the moment! It seems the average UK buyer will pay a bit more for cards relative to currency bless their souls


Its the same thing for shipping from Canada or to Canada. I got 4 cards shipped from the US to Canada, shipping was $30 tracked and then Boarder Services charged me $61.50 it fees. Being unaware because I haven’t done it in so long I pretty much paid $100 in shipping costs. STUPID!!!

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Bloody Commonwealth countries!

I’m in Canada for college and the postal charges are ridiculous. Normal lettermail isn’t too expensive (still double what I’m used to paying in the US), but if you want tracking, hoo boy. I’m sending an extremely valuable package to PSA soon and I’m going to have to pay out the wa-fucking-zoo to make sure it gets there alright.

We all hate on the USPS, but you gotta admit, compared to their international counterparts, they are damn good.


aus post is a mugs game.

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