Customs/Import Fees for your Country

Thought it would be useful to create a thread where people share the customs costs for importing for their country or countries that they know about. I have tried looking up these fees for countries that I sometimes send to and there is no clear information.


$1000AUD threshold, anything under this value no import charges

OVER $1000

Majority is 5% but ranges from 0% - 10%, don’t know what would get the 0% but wouldn’t be surprised if it is reserved for politicians or something lol


Belgium: 21% if not marked as a gift and value above 20 euro or so.

  • if they need to open your package for whatever reason that isn’t even your fault they charge you another 12.50 euro :grin:


22 euros for merchandise and 45 euros for gift items, amounts include shipping charges. Anything over that → 24% taxes from total.


I find import fees on collectibles funny. The idea of faxes is to balance out cheaper foreign goods to give domestic goods a chance. With collectibles especially older or graded cards and comics what is there to balance. They are already hard to come across.


I find import fees in general funny, shipping has already been paid. Just another excuse to take my money! :rage:

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UK - £15 and up gets an import fee.


Canada: $20 and over (merchandise) gets charged with a $10 flat fee and then 15-20% taxes on the actual value depending on what province you’re in. Gifts $40 and over also get charged customs.

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You can buy 25 USD per year without fees. After that 50% of the value. Oh, and you have to go to customs to claim it, and pay a 2,50 USD storage fee per day.
Any bubble mailer or bigger package go directly to customs. Only regular letter envelopes bypass customs.

In theory this will get more flexible in the coming months, as announced by the new goverment.

Harsh right?


The excuse is always that the taxes encourages you to buy locally. Which is all well and good but it completely fuck over anyone buying anything that you literally cannot buy in your home country.



Strong dollar, 0 fees, home to most of the good stuff to begin with so can get away with mostly buying domestic.


ironically I would say at least 60% of the good stuff I have I purchased from outside the US.

But yea I’d be pretty mad to be in another country with all those fees :confused:

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This is a great thread idea that will be a valuable resource!

By and large I always assume $20 is the cutoff for most countries. In my experience, Germany enforces their duties more strictly than any other country.


Damn some hefty fees all around, question for sellers do you mark your goods as gifts when you send them? When I send items with tracking internationally Auspost records my ID so I don’t feel comfortable lying about value.

@fourthstartcg (for Canada) Do you know if items marked as made in the USA or originally made in the USA gets a higher threshold? As Canada/USA have free trade agreement thing?

I don’t think so. The 20/40 threshold seems to apply to all countries equally.

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I’d say Japan is home to most of the good stuff, with the US running a distant second. :laughing:


And to add into this, these rates don’t include packages coming from the EU area. There are no custom charges for packages coming from another EU country.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that they might let stuff go through customs here without needing to pay the fees if it’s a small envelope, for example I’ve had cards valued more than 22 euros coming from the US many times but as they’ve been shipped on a small bubble mailer I’ve never had to pay custom fees for them even if the value was marked correctly. So that’s bit strange, I don’t know how they work with that exactly. But I can’t complain! :grin: It’s only a good thing as our 24% tax rate is really high.

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For collectors that live in high custom countries, I think @garyis2000 would welcome new neighbors.


In Norway, everything over 350 NOK (Currently equal to 41$ US) including shipping will be hit by 25% pluss a handeling fee.

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After reading all of this, Australia doesn’t have it too bad haha


I always wonder if there is one dodgy country in the EU, who just accepts international mail willy nilly with no import duties. Then the products could be shipped to the UK and other European countries fully insured with no import tax. Could be a good bit of middle-man business in there somewhere. I bet Greece wouldn’t mind the extra income right now.